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Wild Energies! Changes In Partnerships And The End Of Duality

by consciousreminder
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by Vera Ingeborg

Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Anger up to rage, deep sadness and sexual energies and urges accompanied with intense physical symptoms such as the Ascension Flu, ringing ears, extreme fatigue are currently flaring up.

Relationships and Partnerships are tested to the bone. Lots of breakups, fights, but also reconnections are taking place. Along with it comes a feeling of division within. An inability to take a decision or move into a certain direction. We feel frozen. As if angel and devil on our shoulders were having a heated discussion that leaves us confused in the middle with the feeling: “You know what guys, I am not going to do anything until you’ve come to an agreement”. Others are just experiencing pure bliss. What is going on?

If I had to put a guiding principle to the deeper meaning of the energetic gateway we are currently in, it would be authenticity. That is what we are pushed into now. We are going to explore why and how this is happening.

In order to understand what is going on we need to look into the energies that are currently prevailing and the influencing factors we are dealing with right now. This period already started on January 31 with a peak in the Schumann Resonance to 36 Hz. The Schumann resonance measures the average frequency on the planet and used to be at 7.84 Hz . Within the past two years, it has been up and down and peaked between 10 and 15 Hz. This frequency is what our brain waves align with in our normal waking state of consciousness. Through the increase in frequency, we are put under permanent stress. The amygdala (the part of our brain where the fight or flight response, but also motivation is produced) is triggered permanently and is pushing our fear patterns onto the surface. The natural reaction to this is that people freak out, feel bad and interpret these anxieties and fears as something negative. But… that is what keeps us in the spiral. In order to release the energy, we need to embrace this opportunity to get rid of these fears and patterns, by going into the pain, allowing the emotions to process the energy and being grateful for the release. It sounds paradox, but this is how the Universal energies work.

Energetic current Influencing Factors

Before we go into details with what is going on for relationships and partnerships right now, let’s look at the many influencing factors that are pushing the energies on the planet in highest frequencies. First of all, we are in an eclipse corridor. The lunar eclipse took place on February 10/11 with the full moon, the solar eclipse with the new moon will take place on February 26. Eclipse corridors are always gateways for great changes to occur. Our lives and routines and beliefs are shaken up deeply in those times. In addition to that, today is 2.22, a massive gateway to the great central sun has opened, which brings in new light codes for DNA changes and changes in the human template.

“THE major theme in this corridor are relationships. A lot of relationships are on the test bench now, many are falling apart, others are reconnecting or starting anew.” 

We are literally changing from our 3D physical existence into a completely new being in 5D. This eclipse corridor is accompanied by very challenging astrological constellations, depending on the personal astro charts, this can make the experience even deeper. THE major theme in this corridor are relationships. A lot of relationships are on the test bench now, many are falling apart, others are reconnecting or starting anew. The 3D relationship templates based on neediness and attachment are coming to an end and are replaced with new connections, based on freedom and authenticity. Plus: These high light codes and frequencies are causing a lot of physical ascension symptoms that I had shared in this post, before. 

In addition to that, we are dealing with the effects of a timeline split. At the moment, we have two 3D/4D timelines (i.e. realities) running in parallel to a 5D timeline which is splitting off from the old ones. While the 5D timeline is leading to New Earth, and a complete shift in reality into oneness, community and unconditional love, the other two timelines are headed into darkness and fear. This causes that we are experiencing duality in parallel. Happiness and sadness at the same time, being active and passive at the same time, being awake and tired at the same time. We feel unable to take any decisions and stuck. Focus on the 5D timeline and move your energy there. It can be helpful to take a moment to close your eyes, imagine a place that you love and that supports you with all the energy you need and where you feel happy and whole. Feel this energy and let it spread into your whole body and system. This will help you to see clearer, what the 5D timeline is pulling you to be and do.

All of these events are building up to the Spring Equinox on March 21. The energy on the 5D timeline will shift even higher after that and will anchor those, that have worked through all their fears and have transmuted the energies completely in 5D physically. A spring equinox is always a time for new beginnings after internal chaos. I have written about the necessity of chaos for major energy shifts upwards many times and this period is especially important. Chaos is necessary for a system to restructure and rebuild itself on a higher level. So it is important for us to welcome the chaos as necessary basis for an energetic shift upwards.

And finally, we still have to deal with the collective fear and chaos in the US with the political situation, that is triggering people to the core and bringing up a lot of old beliefs, insecurities, worries, anger and hatred that also needs to be transformed and cleansed. Again, it is so important to not get caught up in 3D drama, but feel compassion and gratitude for the necessary chaos to make a shift. If we react with fear, we are serving the darkness and the global elite that has ruled this planet for eons. Only when we choose love, we transmute the energy to a higher level. 

In times of hightened frequencies, our buttons get pushed a lot harder. That means the remainders of energetic frequencies we still carry within are amplified and are experienced a lot more intensely than usual. If we do not carry any low frequencies that resonate with the collective stuff anymore, the opposite happens. We are riding a bliss wave, because our high frequencies we have built up get amplified. That explains why some people seem to be immune and are just having a fantastic time right now. They are indeed: immune…

For those (and that is the much bigger proportion) who have not reached that state yet: Looking at all of this… are you still surprised that you are feeling so intensely and are feeling so exhausted?

Let’s look a bit deeper into this and what the intentions are behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes – what is going on for Relationships

These gateways and energetic influxes of course have their purpose. Nothing happens coincidentally in this Universe. It is always working perfectly. In general, these times of intense energies are a blessing in disguise. In those gateways, more energy is available than usual. That means, that there is much more energetic power and potential to shift energies at a much larger scale than usually. The pain is deeper, but the amount of energy that is transmuted is a lot higher. Just remember to embrace it, not identify with it and enjoy the emotional release with gratitude, knowing that this is old energy leaving for good.

The Dance of Masculine and Feminine

With the light codes we receive, and the energies raising, the biggest essence of this gateway is the emergence of new relationship templates. The feminine and masculine energies are entering another round of dancing to balance and learning to interact, learning their true purpose and characteristics, to connect with source energy, and how to divinely create with each other. They are learning how they interdepend with each other to create with love in the absence of fear. In order to come into such a place another major cleansing for the collective is necessary. All 3D fear based beliefs, paradigms and wounds need to be transmuted. And a lot of lightworkers knowingly or unknowingly are doing this together right now. So how does that look like?

One major part is the final cleansing for the collective feminine to raise into her pure-hearted, truthful power. The high energies are triggering the collective wounds of the feminine to the surface. The wounds of not being seen, of not being worthy, of being dependent and of being suppressed and ab/used. This can result in deep depression but also intense rage. By releasing these energies and transmuting them, we are opening up to our true self and immense strength.

“The feminine is learning to speak her truth from the heart and expressing her intentions and desires without any expectations, attachments or neediness.” 

We are learning to speak our truth from the heart and expressing our intentions and desires without any expectations, attachments or neediness. The Goddesses are emerging and are taking a leadership position for perfect creation of the new 5D reality. This is only possible without any fear. We are learning patience and being receptive, instead of trying to control and/or manipulate things. The feminine energy is the creative energy. It is setting the intention for a creation. Then it is her time to just be receptive and patient and let the masculine energy in its creator role manifest. The feminine is now coming back into her authenticity, dropping everything that is not serving any longer and was just a mask or figure she was cutting and is returning to her true essence: Unconditional, divine love.

For the feminine in sacred partnerships / soul connections / twin flame connections, it is very common, that these collective wounds and fears are projected onto the divine partner. So, whenever you notice your partner coming from the back of your head into the front and keeping you busy with all sorts of thoughts and emotions, you can be quite sure that something much bigger is going on cosmically or planetary, as it is the case with the gateway we are in right now.

“The masculine is now taking first baby steps in expressing from their heart and how they feel. This is VERY difficult and challenging for them, and it is so important that the feminine is holding space for them.”

The masculine on the other hand is now deeply triggered into finally embracing their vulnerability. They are challenged in their belief systems and wounds, just the same. They are now going through intense waves and thought spirals, learning to let go of control and to let go of the need to be the care-taker and fighter to sustain the family and to be the champion in an ego sense. They are now taking the first baby steps in expressing from their heart and how they feel. This is VERY difficult and challenging for them, and it is so important that the feminine is holding space for them, showing patience and gratitude for their first connection with their vulnerability. They are learning to reconnect to their heart and discovering their true self. The last thing they need is pressure. They need to feel completely safe in expressing their feelings. They need to learn that it is okay to feel and to share about it. They are also returning to their true authenticity and are rediscovering their divinity and unconditional love.

Intense Sexual Energies

Many are also currently experiencing intense movement in the lower chakras with sexual energies and urges. These energies are asked to be transformed from a fear-based, needy energy into a love-based 5D frequency. In order to do so, it is very helpful to redirect these energies into the heart chakra. This can be actively supported by masturbation to get the energy moving. Instead of releasing them via orgasm through the lower chakras, make sure to wait with the release until you feel the energy clearly in your heart.

“The current dance of the masculine and the feminine is preparing them quickly to shift ont the 5D timeline.”

The current dance of the masculine and the feminine is preparing them quickly to shift onto the 5D timeline. This does not necessarily happen in parallel. The feminine usually shifts first and then inspires many others to follow, including the masculine. This will be the end of duality. Once all fear frequencies are transmuted, and only love is left, duality cannot exist any longer. Darkness loses its meaning as there are no more opposites.

Keep your frequency high by embracing your experience with gratitude and you will realize how quickly you will feel better. The chaos after the releases on the cellular level needs a couple of days to integrate and recalibrate. But once it does, you will realize that you behave differently and feel differently from before. You can assist this process by grounding yourself with being in touch with natural water, being in touch with nature or, if that is not possible – 432 Hz music is also very helpful. If you want to learn more about raising your frequency quickly to improve your situation and find back into happiness, balance and joy, maybe these video tutorials I created for you are resonating with you.

So please know that what you experience is normal and part of a much bigger plan. You are contributing to the healing of humanity and to the creation of a completely new world. A birthing process has never been easy and fun, but once your child is born, you forget about the pain you went through and all you can feel is joy.

About the Author:

Vera Ingeborg is an intuitive writer, energy coach and gridworker, traveling the world as a digital nomad to anchor, connect and work with the higher frequencies all over the planet and with people that are ready for exiting the 3D matrix. You can learn more about her and her work and services here:

www.thewakeupexperience.eu, www.own-it-retreats.com

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