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Call Upon The Frequency Of Your Spirit Insect

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Tap into and connect with the biggest energies of some of the smallest creatures

Chances are that at some point, you’ve had a dream where an animal has made an appearance. More often than not, it’s making its presence known as it’s trying to get a message across to you. With the help of Melissa Alvarez, we’ll delve into the world of six-legged creatures to help you recognise and connect with the energy of insects so they can continue to guide you, overcome any obstacles and help you on your spiritual journey through life.

What is insect frequency?

Like with all other animals, insects are said to have their own energy vibrating within their spiritual being. It contains an abundance of wisdom, offering lessons that allow us to balance ourselves and grow spiritually. Ways that insects and animals may connect with you and pass on a message include in your dreams and when your mind is at rest. Just as spirit guides and angels are able to communicate with you, so are animals and insects.


Powerful yet tiny, ants are capable of moving things fifty times their own body weight. Their determination can manifest itself in your dreams or visions, as to see an ant is believed to be a sign that you should work harder in order to accomplish your goals. An ant spirit guide can make itself present when it is felt that you are doing everything alone rather than asking for help, as ants are community creatures who work together in achieving a common goal. The frequency of an ant feels like a faint scratching noise that can barely be heard because it’s buried beneath the surface. It prickles at your skin, and you can feel a tiny scurry of energy over you.


The gracious bumblebee is an insect shrouded in deep messages and symbolism. To see a bee in your dreams or to feel its frequency is believed to help you accomplish any tasks that you thought were impossible – but only if you set your mind to it. They also represent fertility, productivity and manifestation. If you see a bee, ask yourself whether you are doing all you can to pursue your dreams and live a productive life. A bee may also make itself known to remind you against ‘stinging’ too quickly and being swift with anger. Remember to look for the sweetness in life, much like the bee does when finding pollen − the outcome will be greater than stinging. To pick up on the bee’s frequency, listen out for a strong and steady buzzing, that will fly around you like a small whirlwind.


Beetles are great spirit insects for when you need the motivation to make the best out of a bad situation – after all, they manage to turn animal dung into something more resourceful! Their hard exoskeleton is a great metaphor for overcoming an obstacle in life, as their outer shell protects it from its earthy environment. Just as the beetle makes the most out of what it has to survive, you can too. Seeing one of these creatures in a dream or vision can mean that changes in your life are approaching and you will have to transform in some way. When a beetle appears before you, it wants you to take a look at your own spirituality and expand your knowledge in order to grow within your spiritual self. They are great to call upon for when you need help seeing a task to completion, as they are insects known for moving in a straight line instead of zigzagging around and losing focus. To sense their frequency, look out for a hollow sound – the closer it gets to you, the warmer and more settled it feels.


Seeing butterflies is believed to mean that it’s time you brought more fun into your life. These winged wonders indicate that you’re becoming more popular and open to meeting more people – why do you think ‘social butterflies’ are so called that? Their wings are covered in scales, giving them their vibrant hue, which can represent your possible subconscious desire to be more creative – whether that means taking up a new hobby such as painting, or adding a colorful addition to your wardrobe or home. A butterfly’s frequency is light, airy, mystical and powerful. Listen out for it – it sounds like a tinkling bell and feels like a warm breeze flowing over your skin and hair.


Symbolising lightness of being, change and adaptability, dragonflies are one of the most intriguing and fascinating insects in the animal kingdom. When one appears to you, it is usually a sign that you need to tap into your intellect and emotions. Like a dragonfly, you may be wrapped in a beautiful iridescent package, and people don’t see past your beauty to the depths that may lie beneath – that’s when you come in and surpass their expectations! Call upon these winged creatures if you wish to achieve a particular goal, as their spirits will encourage you to use your intelligence and accurate intuition to get there swiftly. Listen out for a dragonfly’s energy – it flutters quickly, stopping often to only take flight again – and can be heard as a faint, high-pitched buzz.


Prepare yourself for great changes and luck in your life if you happen to see a ladybird, as these creatures symbolism luck, fortune, happiness and protection. Their short life cycle of one to three years means they live life to the fullest every day, and suggest that you do, too. They also represent social values – ladybirds gather together in thousands to keep warm, meaning you should be sure to reconnect with friends you haven’t see in a while – it will keep your spirits warm and feeling good. Their energy is light and filled with delight. If a ladybird is near you, you may hear the tinkling sound of wind chimes in the breeze.


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