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If You Have A Spider For A Spirit Animal, Maybe You Need To Accept Your Dark Side

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When the spider appears as our spirit animal in our lives, it will be the symbol of feminine energy, patience, and creativity.

Moreover, it may warn us of our dark side, or to be aware of our desires and temptations. Understanding the symbolism of this spirit animal may bring a lot of benefits to our lives, including better understanding our weaknesses and strengths.

The spider as a spirit animal: The architect of creativity.

The spider is definitely the greatest architect in the world of animals. Some spiders have the ability to weave their webs to 25 or more meters in diameter, spanning across a whole river.

In fact, the species which has the responsibility for the greatest recorded spider web is the so-called Darwin’s Bark. This species is long 1.5cm, and it weighs half a gram or sometimes more. 

When the spider as our spirit animal finally gains some power, our powers related to creativity will be increased too. We are going to find ourselves dedicated to creating or building something time-consuming and intricate, whether it is a side business, spiritual endeavor, a hobby, or a professional task.

Receptiveness and patience.

Spiders also symbolize patience. They may spend weeks without eating, in order to conserve energies, and stay still when they are waiting, in order not to make their potential pray scared. This is vital for these animals.

The ability of the spiders to stay entirely still for some weeks is impressive, showing us wisdom too. Those that wait always receive something good, but only when they wait for the appropriate things.

The spiders which are setting up the webs in inappropriate places usually die as they wait for meals, while those who plan better see their rewards later on. Our spirit animal will beg us to be very patient, but simply when we have the appropriate preparation.

It would not be good to wait around in order to see what will happen – we need to be quite proactive. However, waiting may also be part of our proactive plans, as we will usually need patience in order to see all those positive impacts of our actions.

Our dark side remains.

Arachnids, regardless of the fact if they scare us out or we think that they are quite adorable, are nothing else but predators. A lot of them are venomous, and all of them eat some other animals, arachnids, or insects, and each of them is perfectly created by evolution in order to be deadly to the prey in only seconds.

Our spider spirit animal will warn us that deep inside, there is some part of us that has the capacity to be a monster. It would be important to know this particular part of ourselves, as we need to control it. Also, if we know the damage that we can do is going to help us avoid its use in revenge or anger.

Humans are unbelievably dangerous, more than the spiders when they can’t control themselves. Possessing some dark side doesn’t make us bad people. Our dark sides are the result of our emotional trauma or can be the defense mechanisms we keep around just in case.

The spider as our spirit animal will suggest us that we take stock of our shadow self, working towards addressing the old wounds and trauma which brought certain parts to our surface.

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