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Top 15 Ayurvedic Eating Tips To Improve Digestion

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Ayurveda is based on Ancient Indian Medical Knowledge. Unlike western medicine, it not only focuses on what to eat but also on when to eat and how to eat.  If you want to get fit physically and spiritually, then ayurveda is the only option.

Here we present to you tips to improve your digestion.

1.Ayurveda suggests eating food at midday when the digestive strength is at its maximum. Eating food at night is not recommended. You should have a big enough breakfast to carry you through to lunch. Lunch should be your main meal of the day.

2.Eat only when your body demands it. Your stomach, bladder should be empty before you eat your meal.

3.Eat non processed vegetarian food, only include up to 10% of meat in your diet.

4.Drink water before your meals. Water helps to buffer the acidic layer in the stomach.

5.Instead of having snacks in between meals, drink water.

6.Drink a little water before your meals.

7.Do not drink cold beverages during meals.

8.Do not stress eat; eat in a relaxed and casual manner.

9.Make everything available before starting to eat your meal.

10.Have a pre-meal ritual. This actually increases digestion.

11.Try to focus on the quality of the food that you are eating. Eat slowly, enjoying every single bite of your meal.

12.Do not indulge in talking or watching TV while eating your food. Your first focus must be on finishing your food.

13.Always try to finish your meal completely. Never waste your food. Rather than leaving food on the table, it is better to have small quantities of food in the beginning and later have more.

14.Cook your food in a very balanced way. Over- and undercooked food is bad for your digestion.

15.Avoid heavy food in the night. Heavy foods are difficult to digest and thus are best when they are eaten in the day. Also try to incorporate all six tastes in your meal.

Incorporate these pieces of advice in your daily routine and you’ll experience new found love for the food. Your digestion will improve greatly and you’ll live a healthier life.

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