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Pendulum Power – A Tool For Divination

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As we go along on our spiritual journey, having tools available to help us is always a welcome thing.

When making decisions or evaluating situations we don’t always feel confident in trusting our intuitive impressions. Sometimes we need a little help along the way so we often turn to various “psychic tools” to help us. The pendulum is a simple yet powerful tool that can be used for divination and decision making.

The use of pendulums for divination has been around since ancient times. The concept is also known as “dowsing.” Generally dowsing means searching for water, minerals or other natural resources by using either a pendulum or diving rods that are held in the hands. For our purposes we will be using a pendulum to help us search for answers.


A pendulum is any object that be suspended from a string or chain and swing back and forth with momentum as it responds to gravitational force. A small pendulum for personal use can be created by using a pendant or suspending a ring from a string or chain. Even a key on a string will work. You can also purchase a pendulum online or from a shop selling crystals and metaphysical supplies. There are a variety of styles available ranging from polished wood to elaborately decorated crystals. All will have a similar shape, generally tapering down to a point. When choosing your pendulum, pick the one that speaks to you.

The pendulum is a simple yet powerful tool that can be used for divination and decision making.


Once you have selected your pendulum you will want to do a spiritual or psychic cleansing on it. One method is to place your pendulum in the sun for a few hours. Another option is to place it in the full moon’s light for an evening. You may also try “smudging” by burning sage or incense and gently wafting it around the pendulum in order to cleanse it. You can even perform a simple prayer asking Spirit to bless and remove all negative energy from it so you can use it to search for your truth.

After cleansing your pendulum, you are now ready to “calibrate” it. This is setting up your pendulum so that you know its signals. The pendulum will swing one way to indicate “yes” and another way to indicate “no.” Just hold your pendulum in front of you so that it is hanging straight down from the chain or string while keeping your hand still. Ask the pendulum. “Show me my yes” or “Show me a yes response.” Wait patiently for a few seconds and it will begin to swing. Observe the direction of the swing and let it keep going for a few moments.

Then stop. Now try doing the same while asking for a “no” and observe its movement. It should be different than your yes signal. Another good option for determining your yes and no is to ask a question where you already know the answer. Try asking it “Am I a female?” and “Am I a male?” Then watch for the responses. Once you are sure of your signals for yes/no then you are ready to begin using your pendulum.

Now here is where the fun part happens. You get to start asking questions. Frame your question so that it can be answered in a yes/no format. Hold the pendulum suspended out in front of you and pose your question. Give it a few seconds and let it swing on its own momentum.

You already know the signals for yes and no, so watch and see what the pendulum indicates and then you have your answer! Sometimes the responses may not always be clear and that’s ok. You can always try again later. In some cases the pendulum may not move at all. Just consider this a sign to stop and reevaluate your question or situation. On some level you may not be ready for the answer just yet. Remember things can always change and the pendulum can reflect that too.

Have fun exploring and experimenting with your pendulum. It can be a great tool to help you find answers. Like any tool, working with it will become easier over time. It must also be cared for like any other tool. Be sure your pendulum is used only by you because it works with your personal energy.

If someone else uses it, be sure to clean it and recalibrate it. Store it in a safe place, preferably in a soft cloth pouch. Over time your pendulum will become a helpful guide and trusted friend.

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