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TOP 10 Spiritual Places with The Strongest Energy Field

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There are places in the world, where you can feel the connection with the divine – one of them are Rila Lakes, known for their strong energy field.  Sensitive people report dreaming about strange things after spending the night there. These types of places can give us the answers we have been looking for so long and make us bring our energy and vibration to a higher spiritual level. Here are the ten destinations with the highest energy concentration:

1. Rila, Bulgaria – some may be surprised, but this mountain range is one of the main energetic centers of the world. It wasn’t by a random choice that one of the greatest spiritual masters of the XX century – Beinsa Duno who is Bulgarian – decided to pass along his wisdom in Rila. The area around Rila Lakes has a very strong energy and the more sensitive people say they are experiencing strange dreams when they stay in the area.

2. Machu Picchu in Peru – the lost city of the Incas is one of the places believed to be another of the earth’s energetic centers. The Incas built Machu Picchu in a specific place, high in the Andes. The place itself channels the energy and allows people to experience something out of this world.

3. Socotra– Socotra is an archipelago of four islands in the Arabian Sea. The largest one occupies about 95 percent of the total area of archipelago. Its specific landscape, as well as flora and fauna look like they come out of a science fiction movie and can easily make you think you are on another planet or like you have traveled back in prehistoric times. As a result of the isolation of Socotra, there are many endemic species on these islands that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The strong energy of this place gives the impression that it creates an immediate connection between the soul and the universe.

4. The plateau Uluru in Australia – located in the center of the continent, Uluru is the spiritual center of Australia. Legends say that the plateau itself is hollow and it is an energy source, which they call Tiukurpa (Dreamtime). Ancient tribes that resided around the plateau have left many stories from the “Dreamtime” painted in some of the caves in the area. There is a belief that when a person goes around the plateau, they get clairvoyant visions.
5. The Easter Island– This is one of the most isolated places in the world; a home to huge strange-looking statues. Scientists have absolutely no answer to the question “Who made them?” Overall, the whole place is a complete mystery – there are many unfinished figures, a ceremonial village with its 53 stone houses without windows and doors and many other inexplicable things. The biggest mystery, however, remains the so-called “Navel of the World” stone – it is said that this circular stone holds the secrets of the universe, the one that collects the most important energetic lines of the Earth.
6. The Belintash Sanctuary – The ancient sanctuary Belintash in Bulgaria is one of the three points (Belintash <> Cross Forest <> Karadjov stone), forming one of the strongest energy zones in Europe. On the rocky plateau are outlined mirror projections of important parts of the star chart. In the area around Belintash, there is a strong energy, and hundreds of people testify to frequent paranormal phenomena.
7. Berat, Albania is the pride of Albanian architecture. The old town is under UNESCO protection. Berat represents a wonderful combination of eastern and western culture, traditions and customs. The town is a treasury of the Albanian history and is evidence of the harmony between religion and culture. In Berat, people experience very powerful, spiritual healing energy. In the III century, the city became “castle-city”. Today, behind the city walls there are still people who live there. Interesting enough, they don’t believe in disease, which makes this place unique and authentic.8. Stonehenge– Stonehenge is the most famous megalithic monument in the world, probably dedicated to the Sun, with an ancient necropolis. It’s located in the middle of Salisbury Plain in the county of Wiltshire, UK. Stonehenge, probably served as an astronomical observatory and an altar for occult ceremonies. It is constructed of monolithic slabs and pillars, forming concentric circles.
9. The Bosnian Pyramids – They were on the planet long before the Neolithic era. Radio-carbon analyzes conducted by the University of Shlyonsk, Poland- date this pyramids before 12,350 years -plus/minus 50 years. According to this analyzes, The Bosnian pyramidal structures are thousands of years older than the Egyptian pyramids. Under the pyramid were found three underground rooms and a little blue lake. The lake has sterile clean water, no bacteria, algae, fungi, microorganisms, animals, or moss and mud. They call it living water because it purifies the body. This means that these facilities are “healing rooms”. Here the human body regenerates faster and the illnesses disappear.
10. Peak Kailash in Tibet – the top of religious significance for 2 religions – Buddhism and Hinduism. Both  religions have their own legends about the place, but they stand united when saying that the tip is the home of the gods and one of the strongest energetic centers of the world and climbing it can bring spiritual bliss.

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