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Leo Full Moon Rising February 16th: Powerful Introspection Energies

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

What is keeping you from attaining your ultimate destiny? What habits, beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts are not letting you connect with your radiant fullness?

The February Full Moon in Leo is forming special alignments with the Lunar Nodes. These Nodes are mathematical cosmic points that stand for our ultimate destiny.

The Full Moon’s influence will make us remember that the ultimate destiny does not lie in some fantastical, hard-to-reach place.

Rather, it is in the small and quiet space that resides within us. We are made to believe that our ultimate destiny and imbuing our lives with purpose has close connections with careers and the way we spend time.

They may have some relevance. However, finding a place where our purpose is aligned with our actions has more to do with the mental state than our physical states.

Our actions do not really matter since being aligned with our purpose originates from a simpler, deeper space. Our purpose lies within, not outside.

The Power Of Lightness

Highest destiny, purpose can mean different images for you. Think of the emotions they provoke. Think about what it means to be aligned with the highest destiny. These emotions may be the key to figuring out what needs attention, and which areas need to be explored. The Leo Full Moon will help transform these emotions into new ideas.

One important Full Moon gift is going to be the energy inspiring lightness. It will be a reminder to make our being softer while laying emphasis on producing joy. Being joyful is among the quickest methods of connecting with the Divine as well as the route to our ultimate destiny.

If something in life is making you feel heavy, then ask this Full Moon for help. Let its vibration fill your being with lightness, as well as the situation. Try to retreat a bit and let the heaviness soften.

Try to look at the way everything has a funny side. Try to remind yourself that everything is temporary and let go of the bonds of attachment. Here, laughter is one of the most powerful medicines, so search for it. It can be your friends, a movie, or a book. Let laughter fill your being.

The Union Of Mars And Venus

Mars and Venus will also form a holy union during the Full Moon. This will emanate supercharged rays filled with balancing, creative, and passionate energies. Both of their energies reside within us, and the Full Moon can rebirth them.

Their rebirth will make our hearts open wider, boost our passion, and rethink how we are connected with these energies. The two planets are also extremely creative forces, which can be used for inspiration, creative projects, as well as manifestation work.

A full moon is usually a period of release. But with the presence of these two planets, energy can also be drawn towards.

This energy will be particularly favorable for manifesting romantic relationships or being a perfect mentor/teacher. It will also be a great time for connecting with sexuality, body, and passion.

Use this Leo Moon’s fiery energy to accept and own your entire self. Feel confident and beautiful inside your skin. Take decisions that empower you.

Movement and dance will be helpful tools in these endeavors. Reciting affirmations of self-love and dressing up as you like will also be helpful.

In conclusion, the Leo Full Moon has a lot of goodness on offer. The answer to our “purpose” will be revealed from within us. Enjoy this Full Moon’s vibrations and use the energies to balance your feminine and masculine sides.  

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