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This Is How Tonight’s Full Moon Will Affect Your Love Life, As Per Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

This month is going to bring about love in your life in different ways. With the Full Moon coming up, you will see a subtle push that takes you on the course of love.

And since Leo is already out there carving up sculptures of love, you know what and how you want to express this love.

So, here’s how this month is going to affect your love life.


Aries might feel a bit amorous this month as the Full Moon will posit itself in the 5th house. But this love might not be all sunshine and flowers as Venus and Chiron will come bringing forth old wounds that might materialize into a semblance of love. If both the partners bring their love together, these old wounds will get filled in no time.


This period is all about stability for you. If you are stable in your relationship, this period will go by quite easily. You will be looking for a nest, something to return back to and create a family out of. With Vesta the asteroid also in your chart, you might be looking at options for security and self-reliance.


Gemini is in for a blast as you will have an influx of knowledge at your disposal. You might also try going out and increasing your socialization skills. If you are currently unattached, this is the best time for you to go out and enjoy life.


Finance might be a point of contention between you and your partner. This might lead to a struggle in the existing power dynamic but don’t worry for it will lead to interesting and deep conversations. And your relationship probably needs that.


As the Full Moon posits itself into the first house, you will be looking at yourself before everyone else. You might have some disconcerting moments where you feel inadequate or not being heard- moments that you need to bring out before your partner. But don’t cause an argument- simply talk about it and reach a solution.


You will realize that the time for introspection is here. Look into yourself, see where you are lacking and start working on that. You might find that your relationship needs a bit more work, or that your partner is not giving in as much effort as they should. You might also get into a dreamscape at times, imagining what your love could be like.


For people who are extremely insecure about their relationship, this period is the best for them. You will be enjoying a period of stability in your life which is quite important for both your, and your love’s survival. You will finally find your partner committing to the relationship.


If you have already been in this relationship for quite some time now, this could be the moment for you to take it to the next step. Have a conversation with your partner about commitment and see where they stand. For the single folks, someone near might suddenly turn into a potential lover. So, don’t let go of hope.


This period will help you feel connected to your partner. And this doesn’t just mean sexually, you might actually be looking at them and feel a deep-rooted connection that goes beyond carnal pleasure. You folks truly understand each other and that is a big, big thing. This could lead to better conversations about love, life and everything in between.


Indulge in your carnal side, for this period will encourage you to do so. Also, you never know when someone might come up with the same desires that you have. For people who have been single for quite some time now, you might finally be able to move on. This is going to help you quite a lot in searching for someone you connect on a spiritual and emotional level.


You never know when a friend becomes a partner. And that is quite a comforting feeling for you have known them for some time. But you should also probe a cautious eye towards all your other relationships to see who is actually your friend, and who isn’t.


A vacation is on the cards for you. So leave your work for some time, pack up your bags, book your tickets and surprise your partner with a nice vacation far away.

Hope this month has a lot to offer to you with respect to love.

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