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Are There Special Meanings To Birthmarks?

by consciousreminder

Are there special meanings to birthmarks? This post explores the various meanings ascribed to birthmarks based on their location on the body, color, form or shape. It also highlights the myths, spiritual and superstitious meanings given to these birthmarks. Read on to discover much more about birthmark meanings.

What Do Birthmarks Mean?

What does a birthmark mean? Birthmarks have many meanings which differ from one community to another, depending on the different cultural backgrounds in the world. The meanings of birthmark have a bearing on the teachings and experiences of a certain community. These teachings and experiences range from myths and tradition to religion and superstition. There are assumptions that birthmarks represent wounds that were inflicted in a past life, or how a person died in a past life. Other assumptions claim that birthmarks indicate luck or omens. Furthermore, it is also assumed that birthmarks are just a result of what the mother did or ate during pregnancy. The curiosity about birthmarks never ends. To best understand what birthmarks mean in life, let us begin with the definition of a birthmark, the various types of birthmarks and their causes.

What Is a Birthmark

A birthmark is an unusual permanent mark on the skin which is usually present at birth or occurs a few weeks after birth. Birthmarks are also referred to as beauty spots or beauty marks. Birthmarks can occur anywhere on the body.

Types of Birthmarks and Their Causes

There are many types of birthmarks. Dermatologists classify birthmarks into two broad categories: vascular birthmarks and pigmented birthmarks.

  1. Vascular Birthmarks include Salmon patchesstrawberry hemangiomas, and port-wine stains. They are as result of increased blood vessels in the area that is affected.
  2. Pigmented birthmarks include moles, cafe au lait spots and Mongolian spots. These birthmark types occur as result of excess skin pigment cells in the affected area.

Dermatologists do not exactly know what causes birthmarks. However, it is widely thought that some birthmarks are caused by hereditary factors although most birthmarks are not actually hereditary. Another possible cause of birthmarks is the “imbalance in factors controlling development and migration of skin cells” [wikipeadia].

Much as the actual cause of birthmarks may not be known, various meanings of birthmarks have been described over the years. Some of the meanings ascribed to birthmarks are based on the location, shapes, color, size form and appearance of the birthmarks. Others relate to past lives and reincarnation of human beings. They are usually explained in terms of spirituality, myths, and superstition.

Birthmark Location Meanings

The location or placement of a birthmark on the body is said to have a particular meaning. Here, we highlight the common birthmark location meanings. Note that the meanings may be the same for both genders or may be different for men and women.

Birthmark on Forehead Meaning

There are many meanings of birthmarks on the forehead depending on their exact placement on the forehead. A birthmark on the right side of the forehead means that the person has great brains. It means the person is very knowledgeable and can excel in his or her endeavors like education and career. If the birthmark is on the left side of the forehead, it means that the person is extravagant and irresponsible. The birthmark may also lie at the center of the forehead. Here, it means that the person is very attractive and will have so many relationships in life.

Birthmark on neck meaning

What does a birthmark on your neck mean? If you have a dark mark on the neck, on the back of the neck or on the throat, it means that you will be very successful in life. However, for you to get this success, you have to part with the ones you love and go away. Also, you have to bear the responsibility of these loved ones. Otherwise, you will not succeed in life.

Birthmark on Buttocks Meaning

What does a birthmark on your bottom mean? Birthmarks on buttocks may be of different colors which include green and brown birthmarks. These birthmarks found on buttocks have meanings that usually point to love and lifestyles of the individuals having them. The meanings are different in men and women. The meanings also depend on whether the birthmark is located on the left or right buttock.

  • A man who has a birthmark on the right buttock has a difficult background. His character is full of negativity. He is not serious and tends to go for the easier options. He is not the marrying type and chooses to stay with his parents who he hopes will take care of him. In contrast, a man who has a birthmark on the left buttock is endowed with great personality and charisma. This guy understands well the meaning of true love. He is serious, caring and gentle in character. He is a very devoted husband who loves his wife and family. He is also dedicated to care and encourage the less fortunate in the community.
  • A lady who has a birthmark on the right buttock is outwardly stylish and attractive to men. She is the so called “gold digger” as she easily gets offers from men. However, she is actually lazy, selfish and malicious. She is definitely not a wife material as she allows many men to revolve around her without settling on any of them. On the other hand, a lady with a birthmark on the left buttock is sincere and genuine. She is a humble and diligent girl who does not want to be a bother to others. Sadly, despite her financial success and good reputation, she finds it hard to get a man to marry her because suitors get scared of her strong personality traits.

Birthmark on Back Meaning

If your birthmark is located on the back, it means that you are frank and open to new ideas. You take other peoples suggestions and you are willing to change your stand for better suggestions from others.

Birthmark on Leg Meaning

If your birthmark is on any of your legs, it means that you are not independent. You always want other people, for example, your friends, to make decisions for you.

Other location birthmark meanings are as follows:

  1. Birthmark on Foot Meaning: You may also have a birthmark on your right or left foot. For men, it means that you like traveling and visiting new places. For women, it means that you believe in action than words.
  2. Birthmark on Toes Meaning: Birthmarks on toes have the same meaning as those on feet for men and for women.
  3. Birthmark on Stomach Meaning: If your birthmark located on the stomach or abdomen, then this means that you are a greedy and egocentric individual. This affects both men and women in the same way.
  4. Birthmark on Thigh Meaning: Whether you are a man or a woman, having a birthmark on your right or left thigh is a good sign. It means that you will take pleasure in a wealthy, prosperous and happy life.
  5. Birthmark on Chest Meaning: A birthmark located at the center of your chest is bad news. It means that you will not be lucky at all. You will be miserable throughout your life.
  6. Birthmark on Eye Meaning: A birthmark in, on or under the right eye means that you will make easy money, even without having to work very hard. A birthmark on the left eye is a sign of a womanizer for men. This type of man will have many illicit relationships.
  7. Birthmark on Head Meaning: You may have a birthmark on the back of your head that represents weakness, especially in women. If the birthmark is on the right side of your head, you will enter politics and be successful. However, if located on the left side of the head, it means that you will be poor and might not marry at all.
  8. Birthmark on Breast Meaning: For both genders, a birthmark below or under your left breast is a sign that you will be triumphant in all your endeavors. The one located below, or under the right breast represents good luck in your life.
  9. Hair Birthmark Meaning: If you were born with grey or white hair birthmark, there is every reason why you should consider yourself great. A grey or white hair birthmark is a sign of wisdom. It means that you will lead your life wisely.
  10. Birthmark on Shoulder Meaning: For both men and women, a birthmark situated on your right shoulder indicate that you are lucky. These individuals lead happy and successful lives. On the other hand, a birthmark of your left shoulder indicates financial difficulties.
  11. Birthmark on Ear Meaning: A birthmark on the year is a good sign. It means that you are blessed with good luck. These individuals are happy and prosperous in their lives.
  12. Birthmark on Cheek Meaning: Do you have a birthmark on either of your cheeks? If you are a man, a birthmark on the right cheek means that you have very strong feelings and attachment in the activities you engage in. A birthmark on the left cheek suggests that you have financial problems. For women, a birthmark on your right cheek is an indicator that you will you will enjoy your marriage life with your husband. The one on the left will suggest secrete hopelessness.
  13. Birthmark on Nose Meaning: People who have a birthmark on the nose tend to be creative and very diligent. They are successful in their careers and family lives. They are popular in the society because they extend their creativity and diligence to the community. However, such individuals have unpredictable characters.
  14. Birthmark on Lip Meaning: If a person has a birthmark on the lips, it generally means that he talks a lot and asks many questions. In case the birthmark is on the upper lip, it means that the person is full of charisma, charm and persuasion and is attractive especially to the opposite gender. When located on the lower lip, it means that the person is keen to study and also does his duties well and thoroughly. If the birthmark is at the left or right corner of the lips, it means that the person likes eating, especially on other people’s bills.
  15. Birthmark on Hand Meaning: Having birthmark on your hand, whether left or right hand, is a sign that you are talented and you will be very successful in life.
  16. Birthmark on Heel Meaning: If your birthmark is located on your heel, it means that you are predisposed to falling out with your friends easily. You will lose friends very readily and make many enemies in your life.
  17. Birthmark on Arms Meaning: For a man, it means that he loves his family and that he likes staying at home to take care of the children and teach them good discipline. If it is a woman, it indicates that she is an independent woman who loves and natures her career.
  18. Birthmark on Jaw Meaning: For both men and women, a birthmark on the jaw shows that they are not healthy and they live a bad lifestyle.
  19. Birthmark on Finger Meaning: For both the genders, the birthmarks mean that they strive to make good decisions and are independent individuals.
  20. Birthmark on Chin Meaning: A birthmark on the chin of a man means that he is very temperamental. For a woman, a birthmark on the chin indicates that you will be the one to support and provide for your family.

Birthmark Shape Meanings

The myths and superstitions regarding what birthmarks mean also delve into birthmark shape meanings. However, the shapes of birthmarks may have a particular meaning to some people and a different meaning to others. To some people, these shapes do not have any meaning at all. It all depends on the cultural teachings and religious backgrounds and beliefs, which vary across different societies.

Heart Shaped Birthmark Meaning

If you have a heart shaped birthmark, it means that you will live a life full of love and fulfillment. It means that you will fall in love with your soul mate and enjoy all your life together. Furthermore, it also means that you will love your friends so much and have lots of fun with them. In short, a heart shaped birthmark points to sincere and fulfilling love in your life.

Diamond Shaped Birthmark Meaning

Do you have a diamond shaped birthmark? It is an indication of wisdom, stability, harmony and togetherness. It means that the individual bearing it will have a good sense of wisdom and enjoy living together with his neighbors in harmony. Peace and tranquility will always prevail in his neighborhood.

Butterfly Birthmark Meaning

A butterfly shaped birthmark means that you are an individual who is always filled with hope. It means that you can always rely on the fulfillment of the things you hope for in life and that you are never pessimistic or anxious about the future.

Birthmarks and Past Lives

The relationship between birthmarks, past lives and reincarnation were first studied in detail in the 1960s by Dr. Ian Stevenson. “Dr. Stevenson’s research lays in his discovery that many children who remembered their past lives bore birthmarks located on their bodies which correlated with the deaths they claimed to have experienced prior to being re-incarnated” [speakingtree.in].

There are two reasons that may explain why past-life damages manifest themselves as birthmarks in babies. One of the reasons could be that the period between death in a past life and reincarnation is too short such that the wounds will not have healed before the ‘rebirth’ of the affected individual. The other one could be that, after reincarnation, it is necessary for the individual to reconnect with the past wounds and trauma so that he/she can be healed and set free from it.

Birthmarks are where you were killed in your last, past or other life.

There is a common assumption the birthmarks are where you were killed in your past life. For example, an online user comments: “I have a birthmark on my left calf that looks like the outline of Alaska…I suppose that means I died in Alaska” Another one says that  “[I have a]boat shaped birthmark on my stomach, with its own steam. So I assume a boat crashed into me.” This shows that he might have died in a river, lake of the ocean, where boats are used.

Other common past-life birthmark meanings include the following:

  1. Torture Remnants: This represents a birthmark that resulted from torture in an individual’s past life. It is mainly as a result of a band tied tightly on the individual’s head in order to make him/her confess or suffer death. This was a very common method of ancient torture.
  2. Suicide Wound: This is a past-life birthmark which means that the individual with it committed suicide in his/her previous life by shooting himself in the head with a gun.
  3. Stab Wound: it is a birthmark on the body that is curved to some extent. It indicates a fatal wound that was caused by a knife of a similar weapon. It is a reminder of having been stabbed this way in a past life.
  4. Bullet Wound This represents a birthmark that was inflicted by a single bullet in a past life. The irregular dark spots around the birthmark represent the burns caused by the gun prouder after being short.
  5. Scattered Shots: These scattered dotted birthmarks on the body represent sprayed bullets. They remind the affected individual of having been sprayed by bullets in a past life.
  6. Plague Bubo: This is a past-life birthmark that resembles a wart. It reminds about the Black Death (Bubonic plague). It usually takes very many reincarnations to get fully healed.
  7. Leprosy patch: This is a past-life birthmark which looks like a patch on the skin. It reminds an individual about the spread of leprosy in the past life. The patch represents the spot where the leprosy first broke out. This birthmark also takes many lives to heal.
  8. Branding Mark: Chinese beauty mark legends describe meanings ascribed to birthmarks too. It was common in China to brand Chinese activists with a hot iron in order to mark them as enemies of the Chinese state. Such birthmarks manifest themselves as patches in the back of the neck. This was the location of the brands made on the state enemies in the ancient China.
  9. Failed Surgery: This birthmark represents botched primitive surgery in past life. Ancient surgeries were often fatal because of lack of adequate knowledge and experience about surgery.
  10. Poisoned Arrow: This past-life birthmark has a central patch that is surrounded by a discolored circular band. It looks like a poisoned arrow wound. It represents an arrow injury that the individual sustained without dying in a past life. The birthmark serves to remind the individual of the ordeal he underwent in that past life.
  11. The Scalped: This is a birthmark on the scalp where hair cannot grow. It represents a wound formed after a patch of hair was removed from the scalp with force. This birthmark reminds an individual how he/she was painfully scalped in his/her past life.
  12. Healed Burn Mark: It is a red birthmark on the body used to remind an individual of having been burnt by fire in a past life. The extent of healing is marked by the darkness of the wound. If the wound is very dark, it follows that the wound has not healed so much, meaning that it is from a recent past life.
  13. Healed Burn Mark: It is a bright birthmark on the body. It reminds the individual having it of having been burnt by fire in a past life. A more healed wound is marked by a brighter birthmark, meaning it is from an older past life.
  14. Speared Through
    Birthmarks located in the eye point to having been speared through the eye in a past life. This was a very popular way of assassination in the past. Such assassination would be carried out when the victims were asleep. It was considered as an effective means of assassination because the spear through the eye would go straight to the brain.

Birthmarks Spiritual Meaning

There are a number of spiritual meanings ascribed to birthmarks by different communities in the world. Examples of spiritual meanings of birthmarks which are common include the following:

  1. Angel kiss birthmarks: Birthmarks located on the face are sometimes called angel kiss birthmarks because they are believed to be angels’ kisses.
  2. Devil’s signature birthmarks: Sometime back, a birthmark was thought to be a devil’s signature. Due to this belief, people with birthmarks were stigmatized and secluded.
  3. Spiritual beating birthmarks: Some communities believed that Mongolian birthmarks were as a result of spiritual beating to drive the baby from the mother’s womb.

Red, White, Strawberry and Green Birthmark Meanings

Red Birthmark Meaning

If you have a red birthmark on body, it is a way of remembering that you were once burnt in a past life. The red birthmark may be located on chin, in neck or at the back of the neck. It may also appear on the forehead, eyelid, upper lip or between eyes.

White Birthmark Meaning

A white birthmark, especially on the stomach, is believed to have a connection with past life. It indicates a trauma suffered in past life when one was a criminal and was killed by a bullet or by some other means

Strawberry Birthmark Meaning

Depending on where they are located, strawberry birthmarks have various meanings. Those that are close to the mouth mean that the individual will have a lot of wealth, fulfillment and joy in life. If it appears on the forehead, it means that the individual will be attractive, especially to the opposite gender, and may have many love affairs. They may also occur on the chin in which case they mean that the person will be very successful in life.

Green Birthmark Meaning

In case you have a Mongolian green birthmark, then its meaning is to point you to the identity of your ancestry. It helps to determine your ancestral roots by tracing similar marks on the likely ancestral lineage.

Birthmark Meanings Astrology

Some birthmarks are used in birthmark astrology to foretell about an individual. The birthmarks are usually grouped in terms of the size, location color and form. The information is then used to reveal the personality or predict the future of the affected person.

Does Everyone Have a Birthmark?

There are very many questions and common remarks concerning birthmarks and their meanings. Some people wonder what it means when a person does not have a birthmark at all. Others may have two or more birthmark and still want to know what this means.

  1. Does everyone have a birthmark? Although very many people have birthmarksnot all people have them. Some people are understandably curious about meanings of birthmarks. If birthmarks really have meanings, what about those who do not have these birthmarks? Does it mean that nothing will happen to them or that they never had past lives?
  2. No birthmark meaning: Having no birthmark has different meanings to different people depending on their beliefs. For example, people who accept that birthmarks have past-life meanings believe that if you do not have a birthmark, then you did not have a past life. Those who accept birthmarks as indicators of fortune may think that an individual without birthmarks is not lucky. Those who regard certain birthmarks as omens may think that a certain bad thing will happen to you, deepening on the birthmark that you have. However, other people do not ascribe any meaning to not having a birthmark.

What does it mean when you have two birthmarks?

It is believed that when you have to similar birthmarks, the extent of the meaning of one of them is doubled. For example, if the birthmark means you will be lucky, then two of them means that you will be extremely lucky. However, if the birthmarks are different, then the distinct meanings apply to the individual who has them. To others, having a single, two or more birthmarks has no meaning at all.

Birthmark Myths and Superstitions

The birthmark meanings discussed in this post are just based on myths and superstitions of various communities around the world. The truth about the birthmark meanings is yet to be explored and determined. So if you have a birthmark that is ominous, you need not worry yourself so much.

Lastly, in case you know other birthmark meanings which are not discussed in this post, kindly feel free to share them in the comment section below. It will surely be very helpful to those who are diligently looking for the meanings of their birthmarks. 

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Taylor Carter October 18, 2018 - 5:45 am

Hello, I was always curious about my birthmarks. Just wanting to learn more. I have five birthmarks on my body. More than usually what people have. I have a strawberry red one on my right thigh that looks like a tree the broke, the most noticeable because people think it’s a bruise when they see it. I have two birth marks on my left leg, one on my knee that looks like a butterfly and the other on my calf that is peanut like. Then there is one under my left breast that looks like a star. Then TMI on this one, but on my right buttocks looks like a Sand timer.

Anon February 12, 2019 - 6:28 am

I have 36

Day June 30, 2019 - 12:45 am


Esperanza September 4, 2019 - 8:49 pm

I have 3, I have strawberry red wine on my right face 1 inch size and shape like a heart. 1 brown birthmark in the upper middle of my stomach and shape like a fire but looks like a stab wound and another birthmark that has the same shape and color of my brown birthmark that is located at the right mid of my back, which I think those birthmarks are related on my past life.

AUDREY HENDRICKS December 3, 2018 - 7:36 pm

Hello I am curious about my birth mark. It is situated on my lower right stomach close to my right hip.
It is black and loos like a wolf or cat or dog. Its head is separated from its tail.

dynamo February 1, 2019 - 12:20 pm

hello i am curious about a birth mark its on the hand .palm of the what does this means

Lula February 3, 2019 - 8:25 pm

I have a birthmark on my right chest which is said to indicate great luck but the then I also gave another birthmark on my chest that is said to indicate bad luck? What?

Jeff Stapelfeld February 13, 2019 - 2:39 pm

I have a light brown birthmark on my right buttocks. its round and covers one half of my buttocks. its large.any ideas ?

Hotaru R March 16, 2019 - 11:53 pm

Oof… You should get that checked.

Miles January 3, 2021 - 9:21 am

I have a birthmark right above my right foot, my inner right thigh, right under my right butt cheek, and one on my right temple. What do they all mean? They are all brown and look like something was spilled on me. Any meaning behind them?

Cindy February 13, 2019 - 10:31 pm

Mine is on my right inner thigh above the knee shaped like a small triangle. I’m left handed and have always loved it. I believe if you have always loved yours then wherever it is on your body becomes your greatest asset. At least in my case

JEANICE MYERS February 21, 2019 - 7:54 pm

port wine scattered across 3 of my toes on my left foot up to the foot bone, scattered across my left knee mid to outside, nape of my neck and when cold or angry between my eyebrows, please email me, I have always wondered

Marcus berry August 23, 2019 - 7:50 pm

I have a birthmark on the right side of my forehead. My parents had it Lazer removed only leaving a scar. I have a few pictures with what it actually looked like , it was a bit raised small a design was on it, as I said it was on my forehead on the right side now all that remains is a scar. Interesting to note my father wrote several books on the paranormal and such.

Amzz February 25, 2019 - 10:26 pm

My baby daughter has no birth marks nor a mole not even a freckle I find it really strange. Was hoping I would come across a bit more meaning. The closest thing she has to a birthmark is a knobbly skin tag on her left ear.

Tanvi March 9, 2019 - 11:43 am

I have a reddish pink birthmark on my left leg right below my knee and kinda looks like a world map with africa and India being more prominent when viewed from my angle

Iris March 10, 2019 - 7:44 pm

I have a birth mark on right thigh near the knee resembling like an arrowhead twisted to the left. And also coincidentally I have remains of what looks like a distorted precision knife cuts from my navel to the groin

Billie sue Seelye April 20, 2019 - 6:01 pm

I have a perfect light brown oval shape with dark brown dots in it on my stomach

Tayyaba July 19, 2019 - 7:55 am

Same on my right thigh

Lesley May 18, 2019 - 10:13 pm

I have a brown birthmark on my left side of my chest & I have 1 brown birthmark on my left side of my back!

Shayna May 27, 2019 - 6:48 am

I have a birthmark on my left knee in the shape of a 9 and I just noticed it last year I’m 19

Charlie May 31, 2019 - 12:10 am

I have like up and down arrow like in an elevator on my inner left thigh, kinda looks like the avicii wake me up symbol. Didn’t know if it meant anything?

Anne June 10, 2019 - 5:32 am

I have white birthmark in my right neck and it shaped like ireland map.. and I have been in Ireland many times and everytime I’m in Ireland I experienced deja vu..

Junice Lanza June 24, 2019 - 5:06 am

Hi im really curious about my birthmark that i have on my left side on my back. Now wat color would u call my birthmark. It’s the color of a black blue bruise but it also looks like a hicci.

Day June 30, 2019 - 12:48 am

sorry i was meaning to say i have 3 birthmarks on my body i have a big one on my palm and 2 small ones one on right side of my pinky and and small one on the bottom of my foot

MenzZ July 7, 2019 - 8:14 am

I have a Birthmark that has a shape like a thumb fingerprint located on the center chest!
And a triangle shape on my hand Palm lines when combine!
A Happy life Ahead!

Sara.K July 13, 2019 - 10:00 am

I have 2 butterfly and 2 hearts, I think I’m lucky person!

Annesa Pinnock July 26, 2019 - 6:54 am

I have a arrow shaped birthmark on my belly and a circle like shape above my arm pit what does that means?

Zainabu August 6, 2019 - 9:06 am

I have large doubled birthmark on my right thigh and it resembles like African and Madagascar map..

Trev December 15, 2019 - 6:47 pm

My left thigh, 3.5 inch by 2 inch oval shape.

Aliaa August 25, 2019 - 10:29 am

I have a birthmark on my chest above my left breast . it resembles a fox and slightly darker than my body

Mel OWSLEY November 7, 2019 - 7:33 pm

Hello, I have a Birth Mark on my right side of my Breast in the shape of a Scottish Dog ! I am Blonde and Blue eyes and pale skin. It’s sometimes darker Pink/ brown in color. It is perfectly visible as a Scottish Dog! I have been trying to find any information on Birthmarks like these!?

Jen Pierce September 10, 2019 - 8:37 pm

I have 3 birthmarks .. One on my left side of ribs 2nd is on mey inner leg below my knee and 3 rd is on my buttock.. Also freckles everywhere

Anushka October 8, 2019 - 12:03 pm

I have two birthmarks, one is light brown oval in shape and it is on the right side of my lower belly (extreme low). And another one in blue colour circular shaped on my right shoulder blade. Does anybody know what it means? I searched a lot but no help! 😂

Ann November 2, 2019 - 2:30 pm

I have a brown mole on the left palm on heart line. What does that mean?

Lindsey lewis November 23, 2019 - 5:00 pm

I have a dark brown perfectly round birthmark on my left temple of my head. Looks like a mole ive had since birth. Any info would be cool. Thank you.

Maria Cardelino April 20, 2020 - 9:38 pm

I have the exact same birthmark in the exact same place!

Trev December 15, 2019 - 6:46 pm

I have a large birthmark on the front of my left thigh. Oval shaped, 3.5 inch long and 2 inch wide.
Any thoughts? Quite unique I think.

Brandy April 3, 2020 - 10:59 am

I have a birthmark on my left thigh and it looks just like a left foot and I have always wondered what it meant but could never find anything about it.

Banda charity Martin April 7, 2020 - 4:48 pm

I have a big black birthmark on my right cheek from the eye to the mouth and passing the near the nose.it looks like a heart and I have always wondered what it meant but I could not find anything about it.

Shana April 18, 2020 - 8:16 pm

You didnt say anything about upside down triangle brown birthmarks


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