New Moon Solar Eclipse In Capricorn Sets You On A Road To A New Journey

by Conscious Reminder

On January 5th-6th, there is a partial Solar Eclipse occurring in Capricorn that will open up new roads for us to travel upon. It may not be the road you want, but the Cosmos has decided, and trust us, the Universe knows what is good for you.

Would it be a tiring journey? Of course, but as long as you have faith in the planets, you know you are in good hands. The Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn will bring a new story into your life – be the hero and rule the plot!

New path, new opportunities

The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn brings you new opportunities. It’s something totally new and it will bring you out of your comfort zone, but you should not resist it. Think of it as a tree. The trees may have twisted branches and crooked ones too, but all of them aim to look up and reach out towards the sky.

You do not know whether your path is crooked or straight, but you should always have the belief that you are on the right track moving in the right direction. Think of yourself as the tree and this solar eclipse gives rise to a new branch on your trunk.

It takes a completely new road and you don’t know how it will turn out. It can be the companion you need as you walk down your chosen path, or it might just make you change your direction completely.

Don’t resist – let the universe guide you. The Partial Solar Eclipse is just the beginning of the series of Capricorn eclipses that are coming your way. It will set how the year will be. You may not know where you are going right now, and it might all feel overwhelming but let time take over and slowly it will uncover what lies ahead. The year brings new potential and opportunities – just wait, listen and act when the time is right.

Let the energies flow

As the Eclipse ends, we enter the Portal or the Eclipse Gateway  – a small interval between two eclipses.  On January 20th, a Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo is scheduled to happen. It is a powerful eclipse and the energies could be overwhelming – so get used to the soft energies of the eclipse first. If you have a wish to fulfil, let the Universe know about it and the Lunar Eclipse will clear much of it away.

The Cosmos will give you the space to go forward to get your wish, even though it may not be in the way you wanted it. The Partial Solar Eclipse is just setting up the stage – you are being pulled into a completely new direction and new pathways are opening which had once been blocked by thick walls. It calls for change in yourself, in the way you look at the world, so that you are more capable of going down the new path.

Opening up to change

Change is inevitable, and the Solar Eclipse brings a lot of changes in your life. Don’t stay on the same path – open up to new ideas and new opportunities. You have all the potential in you – you just need to accept the newness that the Solar Eclipse brings.

It may be a lot to take at first, but that’s the beauty of the planets – they may frighten you but it’s all for your own good. Never lose your sight from the dreams that you have – Dream Big, and let the planets take you to your destination. When the Moon and Sun meet, you will be born again, to start again, to submerge yourself in the new energies of 2019.

You are your purpose

There are endless possibilities, that you have the ability to do anything. You just need to believe.  Don’t try to know what your purpose is. There is no purpose, because YOU are the purpose. Whatever you do has a purpose in it and once you start believing in yourself, the more in tune you will be with your purpose, with YOU.

Accept change – and make things happen. The Universe is in motion, and you should be moving with it. Get back into life and start living the new opportunities it throws at you.

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