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Effective Self-Healing Method That Leads To Deep Body Detoxification

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by Conscious Reminder

Feeling tired all the time, having troubles concentrating, as well as making some weak judgments, are just a few of the most common symptoms of the fatty liver disease. This is a quiet disease which can cause further, and in some cases, severe damage.

There are more than 80 million people in America who actually suffer from this disease. It is, in fact, silent, as well as a hidden one, so a lot of people cannot even know they have it. It can appear suddenly and alcohol consumption is not the thing which causes it.

One of the leading causes is refined carbohydrates, as well as starch and sugar. Our food consumption on a daily basis is flooded with products which are refined and which damage not just this particular organ, but the other parts of our bodies.

Here are the seven drinks which will detoxify your liver in a completely natural way.

1. Roots from different plants are quite significant.

You should boil ten cups of water and then add only two tablespoons of yellow dock root, dandelion root, and burdock root. Then, simmer this for about ten minutes and add about two tablespoons of leaves of nettle. Also, simmer for another ten minutes. After that, add two tablespoons of each peppermint, alfalfa and clover leaves. Then, simmer for ten extra minutes. After that, leave the mixture to cool. When prepared, you should drink about five or six on a daily basis.

2. Chamomile tea.

Separately, you should brew chamomile tea, from its flowers, and dandelion tea from its leaves, possibly fresh ones. You should mix one part of the chamomile with two parts of the dandelion tea, and after that add one and a half tablespoon lemon juice, which is squeezed freshly. Three times during the day, you should take only one cup of the mixture. This is a tea which is also excellent for a slow-functioning liver.

3. Lime juice.

This is actually an easy, as well as tasty drink for detoxifying your liver. You should combine the freshly squeezed juice of about two or three limes with only one cup of water, and you can also add honey for better taste. Drink this mixture as you desire. Also, it will be excellent to start your day with some combination of lukewarm water and juice of half lime or even lemon.

4. The so-called ‘Superhero’ liver cleansing method.

It actually acts as a true superhero when it comes to detoxifying your liver – it is gentle. However, it is quite effective. You should take one piece of the root of ginger, garlic clove, two tablespoons of the leaves of parsley, and then blend them together with a blender. You should add a tablespoon of some extra virgin olive oil, as well as eight ounces of water and the same amount of organic orange or apple juice. You should divide it in thirds and also drink just one portion only prior to each of the meals during the day. Repeat this for about two or even three weeks.

5. Juice from beet.

A perfect tonic for detoxifying your liver would be one cup on a daily basis of a freshly prepared juice of a beet. Also, there is another variation which is actually including the combination of three ounces of carrot and three of beet juice, which is combined with about two ounces of juice from celery.

6. Rosemary stimulator of the liver.

Despite that it is beneficial for our brain rosemary can also be good for the liver. It is nothing special, just a tea of rosemary. You should drink in during the day in order to stimulate your slow liver and also use it like tonic during the months of spring and fall.

7. Water that you drink every day.

When you are not consuming the water amount you are supposed to during the day, it is going to make the bile more concentrated in your gallbladder, and that will increase the probability of gallstones too. Water helps with the nutrients flow and elimination of harmful products which are in our liver. If regular water seems easy, you should try some infused water procedures for detoxifying your body.

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