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September Energies Initiation – The 1:1 Portal – A Brand NEW Era Is Born

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By Tania Gabrielle

A brand new era is being born.

As the pivotal month of August winds down, we are getting ready to welcome September, 2017 … which ushers in a totally new experience of time.

  • 2017 is a 10/1 Year
  • September is a 19/10/1 Month

This double 1:1 new beginnings code follows in the heels of the major eclipses in August, and thus initiates a new paradigm.

Specifically, we are moving through a portal of new energetic expression.

This 1:1 portal is governed by being ONE with Source – experienced through timelessness.

Imagine a scene where your current life is projected onto a movie screen in front of you. You walk up on stage, pause the movie with your mind and start to peel away the screen.

What appears is a new world. A world existing beyond time… an experiential world. Not a blank screen, but a living screen.

Here unconscious expectations are not in the script anymore. The color hues are fluid.

1:1 resets our past patterns – especially underlying expectations (culturally imposed) of the cycles of life.

We are experiencing a “wobble” in time now, just as the Earth’s axis wobbles on occasion to right itself in a new frequency in alignment with the ever changing cosmic creation process.

Extinctions of species are inevitable, as shifts always introduce new energetics. For some, life is no longer sustainable at the new frequency.

For most, our OLD way of life is no longer sustainable, and so the inevitable acceptance of the unexpected begins…

As the Earth shifts, so too will the energies on Earth.

If you can embrace just one truth – that, when a new portal opens up, the only thing that matters is that you become far more flexible.

Open your heart to the experiential – the unexpected.

Don’t accept anything at face value. Experience all of it for yourself and you’ll come to make LIVING conclusions.

These are more often than not – surprising!!

We tend to use our mind to encapsulate expectations – hold past experiences captive to generate a false sense of security about the present – and this shuts down the current, fluid beautiful moment – where you welcome surprising shifts that change your life in an instant, creating a surge of growth that would have otherwise never happened.

When you wonder about life, life starts being wonderful – FULL of WONDER.

There is no manual for living life at this level of conscious awareness. Except to live with full intention. Always in all ways.

Far better to observe the cycles in nature, see how natural cycles change their expression every season, every year – never repeat themselves the same way – and take the queue from nature to live your own life cycles with unbridled enthusiasm.

The 1:1 code is an invitation to reset the clock and tune into timeless awareness. In other words, chill!

Your full commitment is only to this moment.

1 moment and 1 project at a time.

Do that, and you discover the wonders of timelessness. Fear dissipates by magic. Hate and anger have no platform in this existence. How can you be upset when all that is living in your heart is this moment now – not what has been or may never be?

Realize you are a divine being incarnated in human form.

1:1 allows the magic of your true divinity to unfold with NO constraints, NO prerequisites, NO past user manuals forcing your hand to act a certain way – just pure joyful, dedicated attention to how you feel… right now. That’s it.

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