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Cancer Season Is Peaking Up And This Is What The Planets Have In Store For You

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by Conscious Reminder

Now that the Sun has officially begun its journey into Cancer as of 21st June, we can mark the beginning of summer in the North.

At this time, just keep in mind that you’re going to be moving forward so stay open to new possibilities. Here’s what Cancer and the Sun have in store for you based on your zodiac sign.


Everybody needs a strong base and this season, the Sun is challenging you to build up your own system of support. If you wish to get the help you need for yourself, you need to start being more sensitive to what others are going through. Don’t be shy to tell people what you want but do it in a compassionate manner.


A longing to connect on a deeper level with those you meet every day will take over your heart. Pay full attention to the things people say and even seemingly trivial words will take on a whole new meaning. Community events will hold more interest for you as you bond with others in your neighborhood.


Now is the best time to focus on the monetary aspects of your life. Be aware of the resources you’ve built up and the things you still need to work on. Create a strategy to ensure that your foundations are secure. Unleash your inner talents and things will work out.


This is a time for you to develop your inner self so that you can finally understand what you’re looking for in this life. If you have something worth showing off, don’t hesitate to let yourself shine.


More than ever before, your intuitive skills will shine and you will be able to get a stronger grip on your own spirituality. Allow yourself time to explore these revelations so that your mind and body are refreshed. While you’re usually an impetuous person, the Sun will influence you to err on the side of caution so that your concentration doesn’t stray from your improvement goals.


The Sun in Cancer encourages you to bond with those you love and those you are capable of loving. Network and volunteer to change the world or just socialize in your circle to be inspired. This is what you need to do if you think that your own daily routine isn’t helping you become successful.


Career changes are imminent as you find yourself becoming more enthusiastic about your goals. Recharge yourself because when you’re working to the best of your ability, no one can beat you in terms of self-promotion.


The spark that has always prompted you to go for the extraordinary is going to turn into a full-blown fire. Now is the time for you to go on that trip you’ve been planning for ages. Throw caution to the winds (not all of it!) and just have some fun.


Intimacy takes the forefront in your life as you’re now ready to take things to the next level with your partner or to find one. Concentrate on what you truly want and don’t waste time on things that don’t matter.


You will feel motivated to understand the feelings of others so that you can help them out as best as you can. Even though you prefer to work alone, you’ll find that teamwork is what you need at the moment.


Self-improvement and self-care are your new priorities. Quiet down the noise in your mind and listen to your heart so that you can cut out superfluous demands and only focus on getting the support you need.


A small spark is being ignited in your romantic heart as the Sun makes you realize your need for love. Nurture your inner child and you will feel inspired and young. You’ll also be able to uncover your own hidden skills which make you a great partner, both emotionally and sexually.

All in all, this is going to be a great season for everyone as long as we don’t close ourselves off to new opportunities.

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