3 Signs You Are Not Depressed – You Are Only Surrounded By A**holes

Haven’t we all been in situations where we allowed the behavior of other people to affect us?

Haven’t we all allowed our partners to make us feel like we are worth nothing?

Well. All of us have.

When we allow people to affect our behavior, we think we are depressed or something. But the truth is that we might just be surrounded by a**holes.

They affect us so much because most of us are nice and empathetic and we think that these assholes love and care for us but the truth is that they are scheming to get something out of us which is beneficial and important to them.

Here are the signs that you have assholes around you:

1. A**holes are happy with their mediocrity: A**holes are basically very sly people but mostly mediocre. They are very happy with their mediocrity and wallow in it. Also, they will make you feel as if you are also not good enough, so much so that they will even shatter your aspirations and make you feel that you cannot aim high.

2. They bully: They are never happy when you are happy. So they just bully you in order to take your happiness away. They will create problems in your life so that all your energy is utilized in solving the ruckus rather than doing something better with your time. Also, this is the way their ego is satisfied.

3. They are obnoxious, loud and selfish: Yes, they are loud and mean and they say really rude things because all that they ever think about is themselves. They don’t care much about your feelings and that is so very bad. All that they want is that they should be happy, no matter what!

It’s Time To Heal yourself

Respect yourself and learn to ask for respect from the people around you. Don’t let people get away with treating you like a doormat.

Also, cut out the a**holes from your life. Take some serious action against them so that your life becomes better and happier. You deserve that.

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