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Test Your Telepathic Abilities In A Room Full Of People

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by Conscious Reminder

Telepathy can be used in a lot of different situations. However, one use which is among its best would be in crowded and noisy situations when we would like to establish communication with a person privately, even though there are a lot of other people.

We may probably intend to tell that person something which we don’t want others to hear. Also, perhaps we would like to establish a communication with a person that is far from us in a room without even getting up in order to walk over to him or her.

Crowded rooms are also an excellent place for trying telepathic exercises. We can work these four tactics the upcoming time we find ourselves in a crowded room:

Get a person to turn around.

In fact, this is an excellent exercise we can try when we are at a large event, such as a concert, where a lot of people are right there in front of us. We can choose a person that sits a few seats before us and send him or her thought to ask them to turn around.

We can keep that thought in our mind for several minutes. After that, we should see what he or she does and whether they will turn around looking toward our place.

Meet our friend in a restroom.

This may probably be the funniest telepathic exercise which we can try when we are with people who we know, but we are actually separated in various parts of a room. We should look at our watch or our phone and decide what time we will proceed to the bathroom.

After that, we should think of our friend, sending him or her thoughts about the bathroom, together with the decided time. We should keep the thought on our mind about the chosen time. After that, we should make our way right to the restroom, seeing if our friend will soon follow.

Get a person to offers us a deal.

This is the telepathic exercise which bargain shoppers can try. For example, when we are about to buy a certain thing, but we would like to pay a smaller price than the one that is listed, we should think of our desired price and keep that price in our mind.

We should take several minutes in order to pursue the entire store with our ideal price on the mind and after that go to the person that sales there.

We should ask him or her about the price of the item, and they will probably say the real price. But, we can ask if they can lower the price for us, and see if he or she lowers it to that price we thought of or even one which is close enough to the real one.

Get a person to save us from a specific conversation.

There will be times when we will be out with a person, and we have a conversation which bores us to tears. However, we cannot remove ourselves from that conversation.

If we know a person that is at the same place, we can send him or her message telepathically to come and save us from this situation.

We should begin thinking of him or her and send them the phrase ‘I need you’ or a simple word like ‘Help.’ We should think about that constantly and after that see if our friend comes toward us in order to help us and save us from this conversation.

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