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5 Warning Signs You Are On The Wrong Path

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Are you walking down a Wrong Path in Life? How many times did you fall before you learn how to walk. How many times did you try to write the letter A?

I bet many until you manage to do it. Take some time to remember how many times you failed doing something until you learned correctly how to operate. The same happens with finding and walking on the right spiritual path.

Can I be walking a Wrong Path?

Thankfully, there are higher forces which try to show us the way. Sometimes, their ways are obvious but some are subtle and there is a way. The higher forces just try to advice you, not force you do something.

Here are 5 ways they might show you that lately you’ve been walking on the wrong path… Dare to admit you are wrong?  It smells like Bad Luck and Corruption:  Do you randomly catch yourself smelling a very unpleasant odor with no explanation where it comes from? Others may feel it too or not. It may smell like sulfur, corpse or rotten food. The Divine energies may try to warn you this way.

It smells like bad karma!

 They may try to warn you this way as it easier. Why is it easier? Smelling is maybe the most ancient of our senses and it is particularly considered to be linked with our subconscious more than any other. Many paranormal phenomena involve strange odors. There are many spirits who – when materialize their presence – produce a very unpleasant smell and most of them are maleficent.  (If this happens a lot lately you should also consider visiting a medical doctor. Some serious diseases may hide behind).

Sick ‘n’ Tired:

Lately you’ve been visiting your doctor a lot and you are probably trying to figure out where in heavens is your energy spent. This is probably a sign that you lose yourself in the wrong path. Your whole body is trying to warn you that you are probably doing something really wrong and you are left drained and sick. Keep on consulting with your doctor and you may also want to check if you are doing something wrong in a spiritual way.

You can check here about the Evil Eye, or if you are a Victim of Spiritual Attack. These signs your body sends may be really helpful to change something you are doing wrong (for example hanging out with toxic people who drain your energy in a very obvious and subtle way at the same time).

Stuck in queues and traffic:

Another sign of walking the wrong bath may be constant delays. You feel you are always stuck in long queues or even worse stuck in traffic all the time. This bad luck may continue for weeks like something has changed in a very mysterious way. This might be a sign from the universe to give you time to think and process what you are doing wrong again and again. This is a very classic sign of the Divine energies to give you time to think and analyse. Don’t be afraid. Go deep. Search for the truth. You may find it bad luck to be stuck there again and again but in fact it may be a blessing as if you change you won’t have to face heavier consequences.

Important Note:

How many times did you fall before you learn how to walk. Accepting you are wrong is the first step to go forward.

There’s something in your Guts:

We humans have neglected so much our spiritual part therefore even the most primeval and strong instincts are hidden somewhere behind our Western way of Living. However, our guts still give us hints we keep on ignoring. If we try to listen to these feelings we will get in touch with our emotions and feelings and unlock the magical Radar which can easily tell us if we are doing something right or not. You can ask your guts: am I on the right path? Wait for the answer. Practice.

Breaking up with old friends:

Do you feel like friends and old relationships are simply falling apart lately and you end up feeling alone and disappointed? You may simple changing more that you can realise. Ask your friends if they feel something have changed lately with you. Take a step back. Try to make peace with them.

Sometimes, the ones who love us can more easily detect a change in our aura more than us. It happens when we are walking on a wrong path. This may not always be the truth but you can try to listen what they have to say. Accepting you are wrong is the first step to go forward. Be brave and say I’m sorry if you are convinced you are doing something wrong.

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