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2019 Virgo Season: Venus & Virgo Are Here To Shake Up Your Love Life

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by Conscious Reminder

August 23 will see the Sun moving into Virgo, pulling the curtain on summer and Leo season. But 21st August has Venus shifting into Virgo as well.

This planet of love, luxury, pleasure, and money will be bringing in major turbulence in your love life. So be prepared now to face the engaging Virgo season with the sprinkling of trouble from Venus in your relationships.

Each planet has different energies in Astrology and in the different zodiacs, these energies are expressed differently. Venus is best expressed under Libra, Taurus, and even Pisces. But Virgo is one sign Venus does not flow with.

A “fall” of any planet refers to the zodiac sign the planet is considered to be poorly-placed in – Virgo is Venus’ fall. This implies that we are not able to receive the best Venus has to offer as the planet itself feels restricted in this particular zodiac.

This restriction will now be affecting our lives for the coming 4 weeks. But apart from Venus, let’s see what Virgo does for us. Virgo people are perfectionists and are impeccable with details.

They love to stay organized too. Nothing can escape their eyes. Now we will be bestowed with the traits of Virgo as we will turn more detail-oriented and critical, especially in our love lives.

The combination of Venus and Virgo definitely spells trouble unless treated with the utmost care. Suddenly all the little quirks of our SOs which we found to be cute till last week will now seem immature.

Every effort we make to help loved ones will make us appear as pushy and judgment, veiling our true kindness. Overwhelming feelings are on their way as Virgo tells you to rationalize all the difficult matters of love.

We know love cannot be rationalized like some experiment so frustration will follow with these attempts.

Venus dictates love and financial lives, and Virgo makes us organized. So unless you have figured out all the impossible details of these two spheres, mood swings will accompany you.

What the combination of Venus and Virgo asks of us is extremely difficult to attain so while in pursuit, we must temper our thoughts. Virgo could rush you into hurting your relationships now although the intentions were mainly to help.

The Venus-Virgo vibe won’t just cause trouble. Virgo does have a heart of gold too. They are humanitarians and are only trying to help the people around them improve their situations.

The V&V combo pushes us to be perfectionists in our love lives but there is space for fun too. Virgo doesn’t do too well with risky matters. So this Virgo season, we all will have high standards in the matters of love as well as money.

Impulses will be controlled and safe bets are the only way now. While Leo season made us confident enough to approach that cute crush, Virgo makes us composed and reserved.

Unless you are absolutely sure, Virgo won’t let you move forward with any plans, which might pronounce trouble for your spontaneous partner.

Vulnerability is not Virgo’s strong suit so we might be closing inwards for now. Relationships may starve now because of the lack of emotional vulnerability and you may seem cold to your partner.

Venus-Virgo combination also makes us controlling and afraid of commitment. So the single ones can definitely enjoy a short-lived and risk-free summer fling!

One last warning though: Venus is Virgo is bound to make us over-analyze. Don’t go beyond the literal meaning of your partner’s text or assume things.

Take everything at face value instead of trying to find meaning where there is none. If they say they were in a meeting and couldn’t take your call, believe them. Any further analyzing of such situations will only pronounce doom now.

This Virgo season, along with the love of Venus, we will have the urge to be critical of our loved ones. Since this cannot be avoided, try to be a bit more sympathetic in your criticisms. Let them know that you are only trying to help.

For the next few weeks, try to avoid over-analyzing, be a bit more accessible emotionally, and comfort your partner. All the criticism in the world cannot change someone unless they themselves want to. Practice accepting things the way they are. Love is the only thing that can help us grow with time.

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