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Full Moon Night : High Energy For Meditation And Healing

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The Full moon Night is believed to be powerful enough to directly influence all sorts of spiritual practices, human behaviors, and activities.

Our friends from the scientific community are skeptic about this but records, beliefs, and traditions can negate the said skepticism otherwise.

It is believed that Buddha attained enlightenment by meditating Vipassana meditation on full moon night. Lord Mahavira, also known as Vardhamana, the last known tirthankara of Jainism was also believed to have achieved enlightenment by meditating on full moon night.

Some may say that this is a mere coincidence, but yours truly begs to differ. The moon directly affects all of us through its gravitational pull. It is scientifically proven that the moon affects the tides, people’s mood, and animal behavior as well. Folklore also contributes to this claim. Witches use a full moon to cast spells and practice Witchcraft. It is believed that a full moon has a lot of energies that spells cast become more potent. More effective.

Creatures conceptualized through our deepest fears like werewolves and vampires are also believed to become stronger while the moon is full. Of course we wouldn’t want to compare normal humans from the said creatures but what I am trying to establish here is how great a full moon can influence all being of the earth.

Rays coming from the sun are known to be full of energy. It can even charge up batteries of gadgets that we daily use. So if the sun is proven to be full of energy, then we can say the same about the moon. Whether alive, inanimate objects, the elements, or even legendary creatures, Full moon is a source of higher Spiritual energies that affects us all physically, mentally, emotionally, and even psychologically.

Life is short and time is a luxury, that we cannot dare to lose, so we have to make sure that if we are doing something, we have to do it effectively and efficiently and when one chooses to meditate or healing some deep wounds, it is highly suggested to do on full moon night.

Creating a good ambiance will also help since it will add up to the experience.

Meditating on full moon night also get additional benefits apart from relieving stress: attaining a higher level of consciousness like Buddha and Mahavira and channeling into higher level of cosmic energies for healing.

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