Taurus New Moon & Scorpio Full Moon Taking Place This May: Stable And Passionate Energies

by Conscious Reminder

New Moon In May

On 4th May, the New Moon will take place at 14 degrees 10 minutes in the sign of Taurus. With Taurus, you get a bit of stability and growth on your side. Stay calm, understand how things stand and take your decision accordingly.

The grounding energy of Taurus is all about being composed and secure in ourselves before we get into the tumultuous world. There is no hurry. Feel the solid ground under you, experience the earth and plant yourself in it. It’s the stable earth that will help you grow.

Finances will also be a focus during the Taurus season. If you plan things properly, you can make the Taurean energy come in your favor and bring abundance in your life.

If you stick to your plans, then before you know it, money will be coming to you. You will also feel the need to be a bit more indulgent.

Don’t let it get to you. Be moderate and take the help of the moderating energy of Taurus to bring some moderation in you.

The good thing about Taurus is its stubbornness. You will stick to what you believe or what you wish to do without allowing other people influencing you.

This is a wonderful sign since many have failed to achieve what they truly wished for because of external influence. Being strong and confident in yourself is the way to success. But you should also be a little more flexible.

Be open to the words of others – their wisdom can help you in many ways. You just have to believe in your ability to judge the value of the criticism of others and be able to differentiate between constructive and malicious ones.

This moon will be the first one with Uranus present in Taurus, despite not coming in alignment with Uranus.

However, the influence is great since Uranus is the planet of change. You can now make grand plans regarding the future, without becoming too impulsive about it.

Full Moon In May

The Full Moon in May will take place on 18th at 27 degrees 38 minutes in the sign of Scorpio. The sign Scorpio is passionate and will get you emotional as it reveals certain dark aspects of your life.

Since Scorpio is serious, we have to be serious and strong ourselves or else we will be completely spent and lost by the time this period ends. During this emotional time, our baser emotions like hatred and anger will start to consume us.

We have to fight them or else, regret will be coming over us soon enough. There will be different situations and different people who will impact us. But it is up to us that we don’t get obsessed over an idea or situation.

It will stop us from proceeding further and make us go deep into the darkness. Rather, let the light of the Full Moon come in favor of us and lighten up aspects of our life which need work.

Maybe the light will bring out a treasure from our dark sides which we never knew existed. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Since Pluto, the planet that rules Scorpio, will be in retrograde during this period, so, it is time to be more reflective too.

So, this new moon and full moon, get ready to unleash your inner self. Rise like a phoenix from the dark.

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