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How To Tell If Your Child Has Psychic Tendencies

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by Conscious Reminder

Do you ever wonder whether your child has psychic tendencies or not?

Well, we will tell you the signs that you should look out for if you want to know whether your child is psychic or not. Here we go:

1. If your child is sensitive, this means that he/ she may be psychic. Emotionally and physical sensitivity when coupled with a creative imagination, may be a sign of psychic tendencies.

2. Psychic kids are physically empathetic. This means that if they see someone in physical pain, they become so empathetic that the children also show symptoms like that person.

3. If your child finds it harder to make friends, this shows that he/she likes to be alone and this could be a sign of psychic abilities.

4. If you child asks you questions about death or about the deceased, this shows that your child is fascinated by the idea of death and what happens after death and thus you child might have psychic abilities.

5. Also, if your child talks about angels as well, he/she might have psychic tendencies.

6. If your child has a fascination for some other time period and takes keen interest in learning and knowing about that time period, this also shows that he/she has psychic tendencies.

7. If your child seems to be mature than his/her age, this shows that your child is an old soul which is full of wisdom and insight.

8. Fear of dark and thus having trouble sleeping are very common problems for a child. But sometimes these show that your child has psychic tendencies.

9. Vivid dreams can also show that your child is psychic. This is because vivid dreams are caused because of psychic awareness that isn’t normal. Your child may even be having nightmares because of the same reason.

10. If your child judges people very well, it may show that they are psychic. Your child will instantaneously tell you about the intentions and sometimes even thoughts of the people around them. Sometimes their judgment may even shock you because of its correctness.

11. If your child loves nature and seeks solace in the comfort, he/she may be psychic. You might also find him/her talking comfortably with plants and animals as if that’s the most normal thing to do.

12. If your child talks about strange experiences of seeing bright lights around people or seeing any kinds of auras around people, these may be signs that they are receiving messages from the world beyond.

13. If you feel that your child is a natural born healer, this proves that he/she might have psychic tendencies. You will find them deeply involved in the problems of the people around them, even trying to solve them and help everyone around.

14. A lot of psychic children have imaginary friends whom they love to talk with. This shows that your child is hearing things from sources that aren’t even corporeal. Also, your child shall find more comfort with the imaginary friends than the real people around him/her.

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