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This Is How To Make The Most Out Of Cancer Season According To Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun moves from Gemini into Cancer from 21st June to 22nd July 2019. The calm Cancer will make us withdraw back to homes and this is a period of familial bond.

Not only the ones with Sun in their Cancer but even the rest of us are bound to feel the sensitive energies that will mark this month.

2019 Cancer Season

This period marks the transition from intense energies towards a much calmer soul. Sensitivity, home, nourishment, and emotions are the ‘feelings’ for this season.

Element and Mode

The ones to “lead with their heart”, the Initiators, Cancereans are deeply intuitive. The same qualities are the essence of the season and we have to allow intuition to lead this season.

Ruling Planet

Having the Moon as its ruler, Cancereans are most connected with their feminine side and close to their mothers. We can tap into this Female energy and garner the best for us.

7 Ways To Harvest The Most Out Of The 2019 Cancer Season:

1. Make time for Family

Nuclear or extended, Cancer Season is the best time to get in touch with your family. You may even feel the urge to extend a peace offering to a member whom you might have fallen apart with. Just make the best use of this time to create great memories with the ones you have!

2. Home decoration

Cancers love a comfy home and you can take the same inspiration this season to renovate your little niche or maybe the whole house. Your stress would be on creating a comfortable corner so that you can return back to it when you are in stress or grief.

3. Delve into your feelings

This season allow the heart to lead the way. Introspect and express yourself authentically, like a true Cancerean, who have no problem expressing their true emotions.

4. Embrace your imagination

Make the best use of this time to create artworks or maybe just experience them. Let the kid inside you take over as you come across the most imaginative and wackiest ideas.

5. Cater to children

With Moon as the Ruling planet, let your motherly side shine through as you invest time with children, your own or those of others.

6. Self-care

After the hectic Gemini season, now is the time for self-care. Sit back and relax, follow your intuitions and make sure that you look after your mental as well as physical health.

7. Snuggle with the beloved

Cancers are experts in cuddling and you should make sure that you reach out to a loved one. Be it your partner, a pet or a friend, cuddles, and coziness is on the agenda in this Cancer Season.

Cancer Season is a period of emotional expression, tenderness, and sensitivity. Blood relations are in the spotlight. Withdrawing from society, this is the time for home and family and self-care.

As your imaginations soar, let the inner child come out as well. A warm hug and some cuddling are the joys that you will enjoy the most this season!

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