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Was It Fate, Or Are They Only A Date?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In all matters related to love, it just won’t do to aim lower than your soul mate.

You’ll meet people who seem to fit perfectly along the way but in the long run, no one will be as right for you as your special someone.

A new crush is always exciting. You get that warm, fuzzy feeling in your chest and you start looking out for small signs that prove you’re meant to be.

It could be anything from butterflies in your stomach to having the same interests, mutual friends, and so on. It’s possible that you be on to something.

It is true that opposites tend to fall for each other. Different hobbies and social circles prevent you both from getting bored. Even occasional snarky debates help keep things interesting.

There is such a thing as having absolutely nothing in common to make the relationship work but dating someone exactly like you can be very dull.

Couples that work are the ones who can find that perfect middle ground. They learn from each other’s personalities about themselves and help each other become better.

If your significant other doesn’t inspire you to be the best person you can be, then maybe it’s time to step back and take a good, hard look at where your relationship is headed.

It is important to have goals that both of you share. Your relationship will fail if your values are not even a little similar.

Of course, there are other signs. If your partner might know just what you need when you need it, never let them go.

But if you told them you hate chocolates around fifty times and they still give you chocolates, maybe you need to find someone else.

It’s hard to remain objective when you’re looking for that one true love. Remember, you have one other resource, your friends and family.

These people might know you better than you know yourself and they care about you deeply. If they tell you that something is not right, pay attention.

Their approval or disapproval might help you in the long run. After all they just want you to be happy.

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