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August Astro Forecast: Riding The Powerful Cosmic Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

2020 has been a whirlwind for us all. So much has happened but it’s still the 7th month.

If you look at the past Cosmic events, you will realize that the unstable earthly events were foretold. As August comes, we will find some welcoming stability.

Here’s what you should expect in August!

Sun Square Uranus

On the 2nd of August, the Sun will position itself square to Uranus. If you have a weak foundation, it will fall. However, do not worry. It only means that you can build it up again, better and stronger. Remember that comfort can sometimes be a hiding place that stops you from being your best self.

Full Moon In Aquarius

This Cosmic event will take place on 3rd August, right after Sun Square Uranus. The creational energy from the last event will cross over to the Full Moon in Aquarius. The lunar energy will cleanse you and help you release your fears. It will encourage you to take a chance on yourself.


On 8th August, the Lionsgate Portal will be at its most powerful. The portal will be active from the 3rd till the 9-10th of August.

The Lionsgate Portal gets activated when the Sun moves to the zodiac Leo and aligns itself with Sirius and Earth.

Our Third-Eye Chakra and Heart Chakra will be activated. It will help us connect with the spiritual dimension. Use your psychic powers to heal and grow spiritually.

Mars Square Pluto

Pay close attention to the 13th of August. Since Mars will go into Retrograde soon, this is the time that will introduce new themes. These themes will keep making reappearances throughout the year. Things might not be clear at the moment, but they will soon be.

Uranus Retrograde

On 15th August, Uranus will go Retrograde. It will remain so until January next year when it will go direct.

The energy will be subtle, and it will influence our subconscious. It will be the best time to reflect on past events. Themes from last January might revisit. Or, you might find a better clarity in understanding past events.

Leo New Moon

On 18th August, a New Moon will grace the night sky. Under this lunar event, take inspiration from Leo and set brave and bold intentions. The energies unleashed will fill you with courage.

Eris, the dwarf planet, will position itself Square to Pluto. It will encourage us to find our inner strength.

Sun In Virgo

On 22nd August, we will be graced by Virgo’s feminine energies as we enter her season. The Divine Feminine in all of us will lead us to be more powerful.

The spirit of Virgo is a free-flowing one. No one can control a Virgo as they are complete in their personality.

The energies unleashed will encourage us to find our inner tenacity and face challenges heads on.

Mars Square Saturn

Be very observant on 24th August. Whatever happens on this day will come back later in the year. Not just on a personal level, but even on the global level.

On 8th September, the energetic Mars will go Retrograde, and things might get a little heated up.

As it aligns with Saturn, clues will be dropped about what the future cause of the conflict might be. However, remember that the stir ups will also lead to growth.

Venus Trine Neptune

This 27th August, Venus will be in perfect harmony with Neptune. The time will be magical as our love life and creativity will blossom.

This dreamy time will end the month, leading us to Full Moon in Pisces on 1st September.

August is a transformative month. Open your arms and let the Universe guide you.

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