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Parents Who Bring Up ‘Good’ Kids Practice These 5 Important Things, According To Harvard Psychologists

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Bringing up kids is so tough! Really, it’s the hardest job these days and it’s full-time too. And then bringing up kids that are ‘good’ is even tougher. I think one of the major things that parents find themselves asking is how to help their kids keep improving and be more responsible.

But there is no just one answer to this question.

Yet, psychologists from Harvard University have worked on a list of things that they think are important in raising healthy, successful and responsible citizens.

So, here we bring you the five things that the psychologists suggested:

1. Spend Quality Time:

The most important thing that you can give to your child is your time. No money or toys can give a child more happiness than the time you spend with them. This helps in two ways.

First , when you spend time with your child, they will become close to you and will treat you as their confidant and friend. Such kind of relationship will be very productive when the kids get old.

Second, when you spend time with your child, they learn a lot more and stay a lot happier, the psychologists believe. So, try and spend time with your kids. You might be very busy but just read to them or tell them bed time stories. In some way, show to them that they belong and you care for them.

2. Be A Role Model:

Well, if you want your kids to be good, then you have to be good yourself. You cannot teach what you don’t preach. This is because kids learn through example. If you don’t set a good example in front of your kids, they are going to follow your footsteps and do what you do.

You cannot blame your kids for doing what you do. So, be better role models for your kids so that they see you and emulate your ways and become better and good kids. It’s simple; all you have to do is be good.

3. Values are important:

Pass down your values to the kids. It is important that they know what you have learnt. You can tell them these values in the form of stories and anecdotes.

These are things that they will remember even when they get old and this will surely be helpful for them. So, teaching them values is certainly important.

4. Teach them to be thankful:

This is extremely important. You have to teach your kids to be grateful and thankful for the things they have. This will surely keep them happy and satisfied in this competitive world. They need to value what they have.

Moreover, being thankful will make them so grounded and thus they will surely become better people. This is one lesson that will help them in their entire lives.

5. Introduce them to the bigger world:

Make them aware of the fact that the world is a big place, yet they have a vital role to play in this macrocosm. They have to realize that their actions and choices matter to the larger world that is around us.

This idea will make them act in a better way and will surely make them better citizens in the future.

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