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When There’s A Significant Difference In Age Between Twin Flames

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by Conscious Reminder

The relationships of twin flames can be quite difficult at times. Twin flames have intense, transformative, as well as stressful relationships – but, this usually occurs at the beginning of such relationships.

The reason for this is as the characteristic of such relationships is about changes, adaptations, ascension, and attunement. If everything were easy, our Universe would have been quite younger.

However, one of the stumbling blocks people may have in their twin flame relationship is actually age. A lot of people believe that there actually is an important age gap that stands between the twin flame and them, and they often consider that as an invincible obstacle to the relationship they have.

However, age gaps are quite common in such relationships. Nowadays, the most frequent age gap is considered between the one that is twenty years and the one that is forty. Having an even more considerable gap is not something uncommon.

Here is what you are supposed to do when your twin flame is quite older than you:

Comprehend the specific age gap.

Almost in every journey and relationship, the primary step would be to understand that journey.

There are several good reasons why is there an important age difference in your relationship with your twin flame. When you take into consideration the age of your soul, the age difference will not be that large. There is a possibility that you split from your twin flame a long time ago, making your souls almost a thousand years old.

So, what are thirty years in thirty thousand?

The second thing is that this gap is actually intentional. Your twin flame has been put on your way at the appropriate moment for you, and you were also placed at the right moment for your twin flame.

That gap is actually a piece of some lesson plan in your relationship – it is going to teach you something you have to learn.

Identical maturity of the two minds.

According to different reports which had a lot of similarities, although a difference in your body age exists, your minds’ maturity is identical. Once again, this is intentional. Also, it gives an explanation about the age difference.

When you and your twin flame have an identical age, you will not be identical in your maturity. What really matters is your mind and not your body that is the house of your mind.

Platonic twin flames.

However, sometimes this age gap is too big for your relationship for being of sexual or martial nature. In fact, this can be a problem of a social norm, as well as cultural demand or also physiological concerns.

Usually, your twin flame will be much older than you so he or she cannot be in the type of relationship you want them to be. And, once again, this is also intentional.

Not every twin flame relationship has a martial or also sexual component. In any case, that relationship can be far more important than the two components we mentioned before.

Sometimes, your twin flame may be destined to be your best friend, or also a teacher, as well as mentor or guru.

However, the way in which this relationship would like to express in your life depends on the necessities of your spiritual journey.

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