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Tonight Libra Supermoon & Vernal Equinox Join Forces: Expect A Wave Of Powerful Energies

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With the Super Moon in the sign of Libra, which will happen on the 20th and 21st of March, we will be guided by its light, to enter into something new. We will be led to come to zero with our selves, and also to find the wholeness place which resides within.

In fact, this will be the ultimate Super Moon from the string made of three which we have this year, two of which we already witnessed. The Super Moon’s energy is just like the way of the Universe to remind us to finally get in contact with the lunar side of ourselves and embrace the magnetic energy and power of our mystical Moon.

Under the influence of these three lunar cycles, we were encouraged to trust our intuition, take a look on our feminine side, and release and purge everything that holds us back. We were also prepared for another chapter which is in front of us.

The Full Moon of March opens the portal to new energy waves.

Also, it falls almost simultaneously with the spring equinox, which marks the beginning of the astrological year, together with the beginning of the new cycle. But, before entering the new things in life, we have to release and purge the old. We need to be prepared to start once again. We need to start from zero.

In fact, zero is a number of the infinite potential, so it is not strange that this Full Moon is falling at 0º of the sign of Libra. During this Full Moon, there are also going to be three planets in our solar system aligned at this number’s vibration, meaning that the Universe will blossom with potential.

The energy will activate us too. It will recharge us, and it will tune and tweak our energy cords, and also get us ready for walking into the new wave. The new energy portal will be at much higher vibrations than we may experience. It will help us in awakening to the new opportunities and potentials. It will guide and open us into some higher consciousness realms.

In order to tap in this particular energy, the Full Moon in Libra is going to call us also to take a look on the way in which we utilize this energy, to see if we use it in the way which drains or serves us. With the help of this particular process, we can also realize that some things need to be released.

Every one of us should permit this Full Moon in Libra to be our guide through all this. We should permit the light from this lunar cycle to come straight in our minds, hearts, bodies, and souls, so we can also be balanced.

The Full Moon in March will not hide things.

Every answer we were searching will appear right in front of us, while the things we have to change will finally be clear to us.

We need to learn how to put the energy into the things which fill us and also make us understand the wholeness and joy which reside within. Every one of us has joy flowing in our bodies, and what we should learn is how we can tap into that joy.

The Full Moon will come to remind every one of us that we should center ourselves, and return to zero points. It will encourage us to be perfectly balanced, in that way making us feel more at peace. It will motivate us to begin giving energies to the things which we desire or want while minimizing the number of energies we are spending on things which drains us.

Our Universe is going to work in mysterious ways.

However, our cosmos will provide us with clues. During the night of the Full Moon, when it will shine the brightest, we may utilize the energy in order to ground and center ourselves, or we may utilize it to align ourselves and enter into some new ways.

The month of April will also bring us another Full Moon in Libra, which will close the portal. This April Full Moon will touch on relationships for a little bit; however, the Full Moon in March, which comes soon, is about learning the way we can balance ourselves.

We are a significant work of art, so just like artists who balance the colors, or chefs who balance the flavors, we have to learn how to balance ourselves, how to treat ourselves, and how to create support, harmony, and love in our life.

We should not wait for someone else to do all this for us, but we should take control of our lives in our own hands, and start aligning and balancing ourselves in every way calls to us. We should ask our Moon to guide us, and when we are prepared, we should walk confidently in the new energy portal.

We should awaken to every new potential which lives there, without being afraid to let go and shed the things which don’t deserve our energy anymore.

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