5 Ways To Achieve Spiritual And Physical Potency

by Garrett Shrader
Guest Author / Conscious Reminder

Have you ever had a problem getting an erection?

When you see that gorgeous girl in line in front of you at the coffee shop, can you muster up the courage to open your mouth?

What about a problem setting goals or achieving them? When the new year is fast approaching, do you jump on the bandwagon of resolutionsetters only to see your dreams of becoming jacked fail before you ever even step foot in the gym?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

According to business insider, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail before February.

You can blame society. The same society that offers trophies to everyone that showed up to make sure no one “feels bad”.

Or you can blame your physiology for not blessing you with the random assortment of neurochemicals at birth to express yourself honestly as a man.

You could even blame yourself–because you know you’re a screw up and the one thing you can count on is that you’ll always let yourself down.

Well I’m here today to tell you that all of that is BULLSHIT. You may make excuses for failing, or never even trying to begin with, just like I used to do. Or, you can pretend like you have a say in how your life turns out, take responsibility, and start taking action.

You may be wondering how a failure to set and keep goals is keeping you from having a properly functioning penis. Believe it or not, the universe and your body are much more intelligent than you are.

Your penis is a great barometer for your overall health, especially psychological and emotional health.

If you’re feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, spiritually bankrupt, etc, your genitals may stage a protest. They’re probably saying “Hey man! Get your life together before you try bringing a tiny helpless baby around!”

Well luckily enough, there are some ways to gain more potency, virility, and testosterone, and no it doesn’t involve hormone therapy. Here are some handy life hacks that your parents may not have taught you.

1.Set Goals

Everyone will say they have goals. Well maybe. But if your goals aren’t written down, you have a drastically smaller chance of achieving them.

Recently I was cleaning my disheveled bedroom when I found a two year old list of people I had wanted to meet or places I wanted to go, and lo and behold! many of those things came to fruition.

Writing down your goals will not only force you to think about what it is you actually want from your life, but it will drastically improve your chances of getting what you want.

If you want to get fancy with it, you may even want to set a deadline. You may not make the deadline but at least you’ll be that much closer!

Tim Ferris, investor and author of 3 bestselling books, suggests setting the bar low at first. Don’t make your goals so overwhelmingly huge that you’re intimidated by them.

After a while, you’ll see the things you’ve written down are actually getting accomplished. Soon, the paper or journal you’re writing in will begin to have an authority all of its own.

Setting the bar low at first gets you in the habit of winning. And when you start feeling like a winner, winning becomes that much easier.

And remember, failing at a goal is better than never setting a goal to begin with.

Christopher Columbus was looking for the Indies when he found America. I’d settle for that.

2.Join a gym, better yet, a boxing gym

Working out when it’s a struggle to even get off the couch is a real drag. Why work out when it takes months to see any aesthetic improvements?

And you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t have a workout buddy to watch your back so you could hurt yourself. Besides, the gym is so boooooring!

All relatively true statements. But if you’re a lazy nerd like myself, boxing is just the sport for you!

Firstly, most authentic boxing clubs are cheaper than a membership to a gym. But you get so much more!

You’ll learn an actual technical skill that may come in handy at some point in your life.

You’ll have a coach and other guys that will hold you accountable and teach you really cool things. And if you get hurt, which the chances are small if you’re in a reputable gym, the boxing commission will pay for any boxing related injury if you’re registered through USA boxing ($65 a year) under their insurance program.

Another thing, boxing will get you in INCREDIBLE shape fast and while you’re waiting, awesome endorphins will begin coursing through your blood helping you sleep better, think clearer, be happier, and will even help boost your testosterone. All of this will drastically boost your potency as a man.


Take ten minutes out of your day to sit there with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. And “If you don’t have ten minutes, you don’t have a life” in the words of Tony Robbins, motivational speaker and bestselling author.

Meditation has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress, to help clear away the chatter of a wandering neurotic mind and help keep you focused on the task at hand.

Think of a shotgun spreading its shot far and wide versus a powerful laser seering holes through its target.

One of the best things about meditation is that it’s free. You’ll probably make all kinds of excuses for why you can’t do it, like I did when I first started, but after a short time you’ll begin to really enjoy it.

It will become a grounding place where you can rest no matter where or when you are in your life. It will help you to get space between you and the things you’re dealing with. You’ll get many different perspectives as you’re able to see issues from many angles helping you to more easily discover the best course of action.

The hardest part is making it a habit. Start with shorter time intervals at first. Set a timer to five minutes, sit with your back straight in a firm chair, place your hands on your knees or in your lap, and close your eyes.

Take moderately deep breaths and focus on your breathing. I promise after a couple of weeks you’ll love the results.

4.Fix your diet

The saying “you are what you eat” is unsurprisingly very true.

If you’re pumping your body full of chemicals from processed foods, not only is it terrible for you but your attitude and thinking will start to suffer as well.

I won’t go into too much detail about the foods you should be eating here because there’s plenty of free resources out there that will lead you in the right direction. It’s generall pretty easy to tell what food is good for you and what food is bad.

Ie fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and nuts, are generally good while chips, beer, overly processed foods and refined sugars generally bad.

Do you choose to take in bad food? Do you have a choice at all or is it an automatic response?

Getting control over seemingly small factors like this in your life will lead to a huge upward spiral of more and more positive decisions giving you more of a say in how your life turns out.

Having a healthy relationship with food is one of the main pillars to becoming a more effective and capable man.

5.Start talking to women

This may sound like strange or even terrifying advice, but many problems with physical and spiritual potency stem from an inability or an outright refusal to communicate honestly with women.

If you have a partner, wife, girlfriend or other, try showing her how much she means to you by taking her to do something fun.

Flirt with each other, make it playful and or sexual, and enjoy one another’s company. Do something spontaneous you haven’t done together and start building more cool memories.

Focus on relating to her as a man to a woman. She doesn’t need another girlfriend. Pick her up and spin her around, dance with her, show her an exciting night downtown or a camping trip to some obscure corner of the mountain ranges.

When you can relate to her in this way, you’re creating a sacred space for her femininity to blossom in front of you. And in turn, the man in you will rise to the occasion.

If you’re single, I have very simple advice. Talk to two women a day that you feel you may be interested in. Obviously you won’t know until you talk to them.

If it’s the daytime, a simple phrase like “Hi, sorry to interrupt you but I thought you were cute and wanted to introduce myself” gets the conversation going.

For one, she’ll know your name so now you’re not a stranger, and she won’t have any confusion about why it is you stopped her.

Make sure you smile and make eye contact on the approach, try to assume some familiarity to make things easier.

At some point, if you legitimately think she’s cool and you’d like to see her again, you can either ask for her contact info or see if she wants to go somewhere with you right then if she’s not busy (cafe, restaurant, etc)

* Bonus courage points if you approach at some place like the post office or a quiet coffee shop where everyone can hear you.

There are generally two things that can happen from here. Things work out, you get her info, maybe set up a date or several, and you feel like a champ!

Or, she isn’t interested and her, her friends, and everyone at the post office or coffee shop laughs at you. If it’s the latter, something sort of profound happens if you’ve never experienced it before.

Despite the rejection you may have felt, you didn’t die! You made it through some legendary fire and came out the other side. And most importantly of all, you didn’t go home wondering “what if?”

Caveat** Don’t poop where you eat adage applies. Don’t do this at places you go to everyday like your work or gym.

Women are great for many reasons. One being that they’ll generally reward the characteristics of a man that gives their offspring the best chance of survival.

And as a potent man, part of the definition is survivable offspring. Traits like leadership, charisma, and creativity are usually looked at as attractive where as indecision, frustration, and fear will show to her your tribe would never survive.

If you integrate some of this into who you are, amazing things will start to happen.


If you can apply any one of these five things, the you a year from now won’t be able to recognize the you today.

Imagine if you did all 5.

Good luck and God speed!

About the Author: Garrett ShraderA philomath at heart, I’m not afraid to explore avenues of knowledge unexplored by most, consciously discovering what it means to be a better man. Meditator, chess player, and appreciator of all things wild.


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