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You Don’t Have To Bring Him Up, He’s Your Boyfriend, Not Your Son

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by Conscious Reminder

Men, in general, grow slow or later than a woman his age. It often so happens, that men mistake women as rehabilitation centers for their shortcomings.

If you have a feeling that you are having to mother your boyfriend and not dating him, read on to confirm either.

1. Smooth talker

We all like a man who can talk and can talk well. If your boyfriend talks like a dream and is more charming everyday but when it comes to getting things done he is always missing in action when needed, it is possible that you are dating a man child who dates to boost his self-esteem.

2. You fund him

There is nothing wrong with supporting your boyfriend when he is out of work or is going through a tough time but if he just does not work because he is lazy and sees how you will always look out for his needs, you need to stop right there and do yourself a favour by leaving his juvenile self to fend for himself.

3. Sore loser

When he fails to get a job or do something in his life, it is not his fault, it is the job that is beneath him or his skills. He keeps talking about how he is too good for every job out there and how he is overqualified for a job that he was rejected for.

4. You are the one making plans

Before we get into this point, let us first make it clear that there is nothing wrong with being an emancipated woman who makes her own plans and gets things done but a relationship cannot and does not function like that. A relationship needs and demands the involvement of both parties equally. If he is always complacent, dump his lazy bum and get yourself someone responsible.

5. He is irritable

Things go just a little not according to plan, he is raining down on you because he cannot deal with even a tiny bit or responsibility given to him. He is just the kind that gets annoyed when he is asked to act his age and get his shit together.

6. He is mean

There are fights in every relationship. That is just how they work. But even when two people in a relationship fight, there is always a sort of dignity maintained and there are a few things you just do not say- he does not seem to understand that concept at all. For him nothing is off limits and he will say anything to make you feel bad about yourself, no matter how mean it is.

7. He lives with his parents

Well, that is just a red flag screaming ‘man child’ at your face. If he lives with his parents, that is the biggest proof of him not having grown up enough to have a relationship of his own.

8. He is messy

Men are not the most organised beings to exist, and that is okay, until they take it to another level and refuse to make any changes at all. There is a difference between high school messy and grown up messy, so if he is stuck at the former, move on to something better.

9. He does not plan

He does not plan anything. Not his life, education, living situations, anything. Everything that he has been the result of a favor done to him by someone or the other.

10. Puts everything off

He never does anything when you ask him to do it. Be it doing laundry or getting a job. He is the kind that does everything ‘later’. He is just never serious.

11. You are always apologizing for him 

He has major behavioral issues and embarrasses you in front of everyone all the time. Every time he leaves a room, you are left saying sorry to everyone.

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