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You Can Help Your Body Heal With The Power Of The Feng Shui

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by Conscious Reminder

Feng Shui is not only good for our homes, but it is even good for our bodies. Every part of our home or offices is related to different body parts.

For example, if we suffer from pains or aches, we can alleviate that trouble if we adjust the right “gua” or area of our home.

This is probably strange for a lot of us, but we could actually experience instant relief due to it. However, there is, in fact, a reason why Feng Shui was around for three or more thousand years.

These are several tips for Feng Shui, in order to benefit our bodies:


Health problems related to our ears are connected to our career gua, the one which is placed in the wall’s center, which contains the principal entrance door. If we have difficulties being heard or we suffer hearing loss, we should revamp this area. When someone accuses us of being in denial, we may even check the same area for squeaky hinges, stuck doors, or grime.


When we experience difficulties with our fingers or hands, we should check the close left corner in our home, better known as wisdom gua. Malfunctioning electronic equipment or excessive clutter is probably aggravating health issues such as hyperhidrosis, arthritis, and also nail fungus. We can even check our wisdom gua when we have some difficulties handing our relationships or contacting our friends.


When we develop foot problems, we should examine the center portion of the left side of our home. It is the so-called family gua, the one that is connected with our capacity of standing on our own feet. Excessive heat, electronics overload or dying plants may trigger anything from plantar warts to athlete’s foot. Some troubles in our family gua may even make it hard for us to keep moving forward with life.

Skeletal system

Some conditions which may affect our hips, the bones, and pelvis, are connected to prosperity gua, the one that sits in the far left corner of our home. If we suffer from back pain, osteoporosis or hip dysplasia, we should check this particular place. This gua is even connected with our capacity of standing up to bullies. When there is excessive light, electrical equipment or heat, it may compound all these health problems.


Issues which involve our eyes are usually connected to our fame gua, the one which is placed in the center portion of the far wall of our home. We should examine this particular area when we are suffering from glaucoma, eyesight, and conjunctivitis. Leaky faucets or grime, and cloudy mirrors are the common manifestations when we have eye troubles.

Abdominal area

When suffering from health problems associated with our stomach, genitals, or intestines, they are probably connected to our relationship gua, the one which rests in the far right corner of our home. We should always keep this particular place free of some rickety furniture, drafts, and malfunctioning electrical equipment. Such issues may be manifested in the form of colitis and ulcers.

Respiratory system and mouth

When we suffer from canker sores, asthma, or dental problems, we should examine our creativity gua. This is the gua which is placed in the center portion of the right side of our home. Excessive light and heat may irritate these health issues, just like leaky ceilings, toilets and faucets can.


Brain injuries, headaches, mental issues, dandruff, and lice are all connected to the so-called helpful people gua, the one which is placed near the right corner of our home. We should check the area for leaks, junk, or excessive heat. On the level of emotions, issues with authorities may also be connected with this gua.

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