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After The Chaotic Summer, September Will Talk Some Sense Into Us

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by Conscious Reminder

Precision, clarity and enactment are the buzzwords for the month of September according to Astrology Forecast 2018.

The time for a new tomorrow has come and summer has prepared us well for this. We’ve been rebooted and have reworked on ourselves, and now we’re ready to head forth. 

The major part of this month will usher us into clarity and sense. There must be a to-do list ready, to clea up the mess, and sharpening your tools for better efficiency. The chaotic summer is now a tale of the past and this month will guide you into a more organized routine. It’s time to put your ideas to use, find practical solutions to your problems and fix things that have gone astray. 

On September 7, Mercury will connect to Saturn (the order-loving planet) and Uranus (the radical one) into the grand trine. This will allow you to perceive the situations that were stabilized towards the end of August in a clearer light. 

Business vibes and  teamwork will be stronger during this time. Innovation at work will enhance greatly. By the time Virgo New Moon will arise on 9th September, we’ll be moving towards the supply stores in the office and the farmer’s markets.  

While the plans manifest, it’ll be time to implement them on a regular basis. It’s the time for some action, as Mars (our defender and champion in this month) will start its motion on 8th September by the Goddess of money and love, Venus. Issues related to relationships and forming new bonds will gear up this month. 

The retrograde that happened in August led you to some revision and reworking, and finally the time has come to go ahead from here. It’s the right time to exercise on those impulses. Our aspirations and desires are even more resolute and intense than the way they were earlier this year, in the months of May and August.

Venus will take control of Scorpio’s waters from September 9. The passion in us will rise and our need to achieve, move forward, and fulfill those desires will become prominent. Though pursuing those desires and getting satisfaction in the process will come with a sense of detachment. Soon Mars will return to the scholarly influence of Aquarius with the beginning of September 10. 

By mid-month Mercury will be opposite Neptune and clarity will return home. You’ll have clarity once again and know the difference between what’s real and what’s illusory. Your priorities would be aligned carefully, focus on your thoughts, and organize your information and messages regarding work in the order of importance. 

On September 18, Mars will crash into the unpredictable Uranus. The result will be going to be jolting, forceful, perhaps even unsettling. This is the second phase in mid-May legend. Let freedom and ease be the main focus at this time. On 20th September, it’s going to be easier to understanding personal priorities. This is the time when Mercury will join the Sun to bring back the clarity into force.

On 21st September, communication will become more melodious and graceful from pragmatic and information oriented because Mercury will enter Libra. On September 22, the autumn equinox will take place and the aggrieved would come to an end.  On the following day, it will become clear how it has affected our relationships as it’ll be the day of Libra Full Moon.

There may be a desire in some people to get committed to each other because Saturn (the planet of commitment) will be under the influence of T-square in the presence of the Moon and Sun.

There will be a strong need to be nice to each other and also be driven by where our hearts lead us. For indecisive people, you are warned. Dangerous times are ahead.

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