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The Small Difference Between Taking a Stand and Letting Go

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by Conscious Reminder

Well, life is tough and it tough because life makes us confront situations in which we have a choice between letting go and standing up for ourselves.

Now, the problem is that some of us think that letting go is a better thing to do because that relieves us from the stress that the situation is giving us. But is it the best thing to do?

Or should we reiterate our identity and stand up for what we believe it?

Isn’t this complex?

So, how to walk the line between letting go and taking a stand:

Step 1: Bare The Situation Of The Drama

Often we misjudge the situation because we don’t look at it rationally. We just see the drama around it and make conclusions as to whether we should let go or stand for ourselves. But to make a fair judgment of what your action should be about any situation, just remove the drama from the situation. After that, look at the situation rationally and independent of all the conspiracy theories and traps. Only then will you be able to make a fair assessment and judgment of the actions that you must take.

Step 2: Is This Really Worth My Energy?

When you are in a situation that is hard and difficult to comprehend, one of the most important things that you have to judge is whether the situation is worthy of your time and energy. Surely, your time and energy are both important because we all have important things to do in life. So, while problem solving you have to decide whether you are investing your time and energy in the right direction or not.

Step 3: Think About The Problem From The Other Persons’ Perspective

This is an important thing to do. While you are judging the actions of the people around you, put yourself in their shoes. Don’t judge arbitrarily. Don’t be in a haste to conclude someone as good or bad. But put yourself in their shoes and look at their side of the story. Try to think from their viewpoint. If you feel that they are still wrong, then decide whatever you choose to do. But remember that a rational person will always look at the situation from different perspectives and then make any judgment.

Step 4: Make Sure You Teach People How To Treat You

If you feel like whatever is happening to you keeps happening again and again, you have to set some ground rules of how people should behave with you. It is important that you teach people not to take you lightly. They should not be allowed to get away with whatever they want to say or do. And sometimes when you don’t teach people how to treat you, they end up taking you for granted and this isn’t good at all!

Step 5: Finding Balance Is The Key

After all this, when you have to finally decide whether you should let go or stand up for yourself, think about the whole situation.

If the problem is abusive in nature then you must surely stand up for yourself and fight the problem with courage and strength.

If the problem is just giving you stress and tension, then you should let go because all the stress and tension is surely not worth anything.

So, make a fair judgment after looking at the situation as a whole!

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