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This Is How The Virgo Full Moon Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

Are you ready for the winter’s last full moon? The Full Moon in Virgo is going to rise on March 18th, and it will light up all the things in our hearts that need cleansing.

Moreover, as per its nickname – the “worm” full moon – being an early bird shall be helpful in catching the many blessings on offer.

So here is all you need to know to make the most of the 2022 March Full Moon, according to your zodiac:


This lunation is asking for an organized schedule and thorough check regarding your priorities. Be sure to keep aside energy for wellness. As important as work may be, you should not be sacrificing your wellness for it.


Break some rules as the full moon wants you to have fun. Your leisure activities and hobbies need some time too, so spend as much time as you can on your passions. Just go where the excitement takes you.


This year’s spring cleaning has come early for you. Thoroughly clean out all your closets and wardrobes and get rid of everything that has become junk. Having a decluttered physical environment will let you focus more on what matters the most.


This lunation is making your social life buzz. So use its pragmatic energy to organize your communications and calendar. Reply to lingering mails, or finally, send a text to those friends whom you have been wanting to reconnect with for a while.


This full moon is an awesome period of reviewing bank statements and checking on the current state of your savings. Do a bit of number crunching and come up with a stricter budget to save up some money for splurging in the summer – you will need it then.


Shake off your usual modest self and take the spotlight now, because this full moon is your annual time. Embrace the confidence in yourself and express yourself without fear. People are noticing your openness and authenticity.


The month may have been busy so far because of several responsibilities like work. But this lunation is encouraging you to take a break and nurture your spiritual connection. Spend some introspective time during the weekend.


This lunation will let you know how connected your crew is with your visions. Nurture the connections that are more in line with your personal authenticity. Start putting some space when it comes to the more negatively influential social circles.


This lunation will be full of sparkles when it comes to your professional sphere. So meticulously plan out what you want to do next for your career. Neptune’s influence will be more beneficial if the plans are carefully prepared.


This lunation will give your perspective a much-needed shift. Step away from the usual habit of getting caught up in details and look at life from an aerial view. Think of how helpful your daily circumstances and interactions are for the long-term targets.


The month has been big for chasing down desires because of the host of planets in Aquarius. However, this lunation is asking you to be more introspective. Think of what is happening underneath the surface and cleanse that emotional baggage.


The Pisces season is ongoing right now, so you have been in the center of the cosmic spotlight for the entire month. However, the March full moon’s focus is going to be on relationships. This period will be important to get serious about your desires and expectations from your partner. Commitment is very good, but make sure it is in line with your heart’s desires first.

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