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New Moon Solar Eclipse In Cancer, July 2nd: The Key To The Future Is In The Past

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by Fiona Edgar
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

A solar eclipse occurs on the 2nd of July at 10° of Cancer. This eclipse is ruled by the moon, the luminary that rules our subconscious, our deepest instincts and emotions, and our past lives.

The solar eclipse is a new moon which brings an ending of one cycle and the start of another in the Cancer houses of our birth charts.

Eclipses bring changes, surprises, shocks and revelations which lead to major growth. The eclipse is conjunct Rahu, the karmic North Node of the moon, and is sextile Uranus, the planet of change. The effects of an eclipse last for around six months.

This is a very positive and potent eclipse depending on how we use the energy of the nurturing sign of Cancer.

At its lowest vibration, cancer is irrational, dependent and unable to control its emotions, so we should try to remain calm and use a balance of logic and intuition when dealing with any new opportunities or problems that present themselves around the time of the eclipse.

This eclipse is filled with good luck and happiness as long as the energy isn’t misused and our actions are honorable, remaining true to ourselves and our loved ones. Motherhood is highlighted in this eclipse, as are inherited wounds and intuitive gifts that run down the Maternal line.

The North Node (Rahu) in Cancer encourages us to explore some uncharted territory here. What family wounds that run down the Maternal lines of our families need to be healed?

When we heal ourselves, we also heal the ancestors that have come before us and those who will come after us as we share the same karma.

What gifts did our female ancestors have that we can use in our lives today? We can use this lunar energy to meditate on our past lives with the intention of bringing forward skills that are useful for us today.

The spirits of our ancestors are alive and well within our DNA. The eclipse in Cancer is a good time to honor our ancestors and we could spend some time thinking about them and remaining open to any messages and guidance that they have to give to us.

Modern life is a false reality and we’re surrounded every day with deceptions from the media, advertising, and even through the altering of our appearances and photographs.

We no longer use our intuition as our ancestors did, and we should make developing it a priority and remove anything that clouds our intuition and spiritual abilities.

The sextile from Uranus to the eclipse brings in some fresh, new energy which creates opportunities to remove blockages in life areas where we feel stuck or stagnant.

Mars and Mercury in the eclipse chart are conjunct in the sign of Leo which helps us to be proactive in the pursuit of our goals.

The energy of this eclipse encourages us to use the wisdom of our ancestors and the past to help us with modern problems.

Source: scorpiomoonkarmicastrology.com

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