Supermoon In Gemini December 3, 2017 ∼ Conveying Messages

by Conscious Reminder

The full moon in Gemini takes place in the early morning on December 3rd, at 11 degrees.  This is a supermoon which means it’s nearer the earth will appear large in the sky. 

The Full Moon weekend is all about communication and information. Being and staying informed. Trying to convey our messages. Our attention and who and what we dedicate it to.

Be prepared for the worst, hope for the best. This Supermoon is going to be spiced up with Mercury making its last retrograde motion for the year, and at the same time a conjunction to Saturn, and all this on a weekend with a full moon in Gemini, which happens to be one of the Sun Signs under Mercury’s rule. With such aspects, be sure that something may and will go wrong. 

The best thing is to stay as grounded as possible, as the surprises of the period are not over yet.

This week Mercury also conjuncts Saturn, and it brings struggle and impatience sitting next to the giant planet. Such planetary aspect have the tendency to make us inert, decrease our speed. But why don’t we take the opportunity Saturn is giving us here and really take tings slowly. Take a moment, stand still, observe, pay attention!

With this being the time when we asses and evaluate what we have accomplished during the year, maybe such planetary motion is ideal for introspection.

On the positive note, the beauty of Venus joins the show in Sagittarius on Friday, bringing the much-needed ‘feminine’ touch. It’s going to be a mixed bag of emotions, but Venus helps as much as possible.

Generally speaking, the moon in Gemini describes a light, airy mood. The Sun in Sagittarius is positive. It’s upbeat and lives the truth. But Neptune obscures and confuses.

Planet Neptune is squaring both the sun and moon, playing tricks on them and us at the same time. Neptune will make us introspect, and decide what inspires and is worth keeping and what needs to go.

Of the Sun Signs, Virgo is probably going to take the biggest hit but don’t forget a person can be hit by something good. It makes sense we hope for the best.

To sum it all up! It’s going to be an interesting end of 2017. Get your crystals out and keep both feet on the ground. The period is shaky but the solution is to always do the best we can!

The effects this Supermoon is going to have on the Sun Signs

While we are getting ready to say goodbye to the notorious Saturn in Sagittarius cycle, it’s good to know in what area of life we can expect the alarms to go off. Is the story over yet? Consult your Sun Sign to see where you need to pay more attention!

# ARIES – Foreign people and places, international relations, publishing, education and academia, the worldwide web.

# TAURUS – Finance and property, business interests, shares, currency exchange rates, taxation, charity, precious possessions.

# GEMINI – Former, current and potential partners in love or career. Enemies, opponents and rivals. Two, or one-against-one.

# CANCER – Your daily workload. Your duty and service to other people and cats or dogs. Your body and your physical condition.

# LEO – Godchildren, stepchildren, nieces, nephews or other young relatives. Your son or daughter. Pregnancy. Your lovers.

# VIRGO – Your house or apartment. Your home town or homeland. Your family and family tree. Your household.

# LIBRA – The worldwide web. Your speech, hearing and sight. Your communication skills. The telephone. Multimedia. Books.

# SCORPIO – Your values. What you will or will not sell out for. Your money, house, business, apartment, possessions, charity.

# SAGITTARIUS – Your reputation. Your personal appearance. Your title, brand, name or image. Your profile.

# CAPRICORN – Your secrets. Your classified information or confidential plans. Your unconscious. Any role behind the scenes.

# AQUARIUS – Your friends. Your group. Any ensemble cast, society, committee or association. Your social media or social life.

# PISCES – Your career. Your mission, ambition and position. Your academic aspirations. Your unpaid work; full-time parenting.

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