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The Mystical Month Of February: We Are Spirits In Material Space Suits

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by Conscious Reminder

The month of February begins right after the potent Lunar Eclipse, which is also followed by the extremely powerful New Moon which will take place on Monday, the 4th of February, in the sign of Aquarius.

The energy of the New Moon is actually flanked on two sides by the planet Neptune in Pisces, and the planet Saturn in Capricorn. The two planets in their natural signs bring down mysterious and numinous energy of the planet Neptune to the down-to-earth and real energies of the planet Saturn.

In fact, this means recognizing the essential truth that every one of us is a spirit that lives in this material world, or that every one of us has to be willing for taking physical 3D presences quite seriously just as worth inhabiting to the fullest.

This can be done by striving for the creation of an amalgam of matter and spirit while performing our everyday tasks and preparing to fulfill some goals for the future.

This New Moon in Aquarius is going to bring the energies of the planet into play, which includes Saturn too. One essential thing to note is that the planet Saturn is parallel to the planet Pluto, which is the factor of their connection which gets stronger while the month keeps unfolding, and which stays active unless summer comes.

With the planet, Uranus also being affected by the Lunar Eclipse from recently, and also by the Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus, and even Chiron in this New Moon that comes, there are actually outer planet energies together with us during February. This also presages the continuation of the massive structural transforming of society or ourselves too.

During the intensely powerful configuration of this New Moon from almost the start of February, another powerful emphasis on the planet Pluto is also represented by Eirs to Pluto highlighted square.

Furthermore, there will be a Full Moon in Virgo, happening on the 19th of February, which will feature the Moon and Sun in aspect with the trickster and awakening energy of the planet Uranus, or with Chiron too, newly in the sign of Aries. This is going to make the rest of the days of February exciting and to some point filled with awareness and angst of the internal wounding.

There will also be the Mars-Pluto square, as the planet Mars will occupy the identical degree in the sign of Aries, just like Eris, significantly enhancing the whole interaction.

With the planets Uranus and Pluto both being significantly highlighted, we will be reminded that this square alignment which characterizes the decade so aptly, remains active. We will still be struggling to comprehend the huge ongoing structural process of transformation of this society.

We are also going to discover that there is definitely something which we may have to release, a part of life which does not serve us anymore, while we head – during the following twelve months and even more – into the subsequent major phase.

As Chiron is highlighted in February too, right when it returns to the sign of Aries, we can expect problems of early wounding to appear. However, there is good news about all this. Once we notice that our Universe always possess ultimate progress on its mind, we can take action more efficiently, in order to explore our own profound and hidden spots within our psyche.

The committed wish we have to do would be half the battle, so together with this intention, only if it is carried to the logical conclusion, it is going to permit us to better and fully accept ourselves, warts and everything else, while we are making our way into uncertain outcomes which lie in front of us.

We are going to be the winners when we believe in ourselves and in our process, and also in our resolution in order to continue going forward, regardless of what happens.

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