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Gemini Supermoon On December 3rd, 2017 ∼ Expecting The Worst, Hoping For The Best

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full moon on 3rd December is heavily influenced by Neptune and brings with it a period of serious upheaval and possible trouble.

This is because at this time and angle, the planet is at its sinister best. This phase will last for nearly 2 weeks which will see a lot of deception and personal misery, disappointments and bad health.

The meaning of a Full Moon

A full moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are completely opposite to each other. Their binary in the sky acts as a catalyst to bring in stark relief the binaries that exist on earth. For you personally, it would be a time to face opposites which you dread- for example your work-life balance, your aspirations vs. your job etc.

This is also partly due to the fact that our feelings and emotions are deeply influenced by the lunar cycle and this is the time when they are at the peak. You would need a stronger emotional response to battle this time and you will be fine.

Neptune’s Influence

Since Neptune would be heavily controlling the Full Moon, it will lead to an onslaught of experiences many of which would make you start questioning everything that you know. Your pinions might get a bit colored because of the influence of the planet Neptune so it is advisable that you are not too hasty in your decisions.

Also this is the time of the Sun Square Neptune which just greatly increases the atmosphere of lies and deception. It is advisable that you don’t let people talk you into things as this is the time for the con men to shine. Be wary of all advances and do not be susceptible to your own emotional weakness.

Fixed Stars Aldebaran and Antares

The Full Moon this December comes with its stars too which are in particular position to each other, most importantly Aldebaran and Antares. These two belong to the Taurus and Scorpius constellation respectively and are easily visible to the naked eye in the nighttime sky.

Both of them are considered very important in mythology and in fact have been called the archangel stars. Alderbaran is associated with the archangel Michael and is supposed to be very fortunate. Anteras however is known for its penchant for violence and disruption.  The effect the two of them will have on your life is the two extremes of the spectrum. You can hope to make good your fortune but one slip and you might be in for a hard fall.

What to finally expect from the December full moon

The Full Moon will be a time for a lot of emotional upheaval. But if you keep your head straight and play by the rules you can hope to make good of the grace of the Aldebaran. However Anteras is in power as well and will try to influence you to be false and untrue, do not give in to temptation as the end could be very grisly.

The Full moon is a time to tread carefully and keep your emotions in check.

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