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Twin Flame Relationships And When To End One

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by Conscious Reminder

As many of you might already know, twin flame relationships are amongst the toughest nut to crack. They are the epitome of extremes. The greatest joy as well as the hardest sufferings.

The love you experience is deep and true. But at the same time, there are hard lessons to be learnt through even harsher procedures. This is why most of the Twin Flame relationships are of a temporary nature. Of course it is not easy to part ways with them, but in your heart you know that if you don’t, you might not survive. For the good of both the twin flames, it is better to end the relationship and you need to know when you have arrived at this point of no return.

Can twin flames stay united forever?

It is incredibly difficult, though not entirely unheard of. It is very rare for people to be able to endure the hardships long enough to reach that stage of calm. Most have to give up long before to salvage their sanity.

So what’s the point of twin Flames?

With twin flames, the end of being together is insignificant when compared to the journey and the lessons learnt. They are an integral part of you and you need them to learn some crucial things. Not just that, they have been with you in your lives before this one and will always continue to be a part of your future lives. In some incarnations, you need them right next to you. In others, you need to grow on your own and might not encounter them at all.

When to end it?

If you observe the following signs, it is definitely time to let go.

  • Whereas you used to feel at home with them before, now all you feel is the hurt.
  • There is no warmth left between the two of you.
  • Neither of you care if the other goes or stays. No one will bother to chase if one decides to leave.
  • Your instincts tell you to let go.
  • Things have become so bad that either or both of you have resorted to physical and/or verbal abuse.
  • Deep in your heart you know that the only way for you to heal is to be far away from them.

How to end it and bid adieu?

It is important for you to know that your twin flame never truly leaves you. They are present in your heart and mind and will reappear in a new life or this one, when you need them. You will learn to love another, and that didn’t mean that you have forgotten your twin flame. It is not possible for them to be replaced, ever.

Learning from your twin flame relationship

There are as much, perhaps more lessons to be learnt in parting from your twin flame as you did when you were together. They were here for your spiritual growth and when you begin to realize it and treasure the good and let go of the not so good part, you’ll evolve your consciousness. And rest assured, you will meet them again. If not in this life, then in some other.

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