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Uranus Transiting Taurus: Different Approach To What We Owe And What We Have

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by Conscious Reminder

On 6th March, 2019, the planet Uranus, one of the inventions, technology, ultra-progressive thoughts, exposé, reform, radical activity, disruption, and revolution, is going to move in the sign of Taurus, which is the one that rules banks and money.

During its time in this sign, which will be from the 6th of March, 2019, until the 7th of July, 2025, the planet Uranus is going to influence events and trends related to currencies, money, banking sectors, banks, Federal Reserve, Central Banks, and other financial institutions.

This trend will be toward:

  • Radical changes;
  • Changes are driven by technology;
  • Cryptocurrencies – electronic money;
  • Revolutionary reforms in banks;
  • Innovative banking practices;
  • Financial-banking exposés and so on.

Some significant developments and events which pertain to this trend will probably happen when the planet Uranus forms quite a powerful aspect with Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto or Neptune.

Uranus and people.

The transit of the planet Uranus in Taurus is not going to influence us personally. The influence that it has will be strictly global, relating to some trends which directly involve banking sectors and money.

However, the planet Uranus in our birth chart will provide some valuable information which we will have to know. By the position of the house and by aspects, Uranus reveals the strength related with our individualistic urge or our living area which has sudden developments.

Such developments include a human change-agent, and they may even be fortunate and constructive or unfortunate and destructive. Uranus will also denote life matters, social relationships, and activities about which we will probably develop our radical tendencies.

Moreover, Uranus symbolizes sudden and unexpected events which will bring some changes through the human change-agent, which occurs only when this planet in our chart is active.

What happens in our life right now, or what we have on our mind will be mainly determined by some significant progressed aspects, according to our chart, and also the environment where we work, operate, and most of all, live.

While the planet Uranus happens in Taurus, we will bring changes or shake things up, especially those which are related to how we enjoy our lives, arrange things, or what we possess.

We can approach personal possessions or money in an entirely new and exciting way. We will be more financially progressive and savvy in practical matters and business. Innovative ways of making ourselves happy and comfortable will probably emerge during this transit.

There can even be an inhibition to a lesser extent about expressing self-love, sensuality, body love, or pampering. Also, feminist movements will metamorphose and grow. People’s values can lean towards unusual things, or they are going to challenge what they have previously valued.

Some of the probable problems may include seeking independence and freedom by putting our focus on some materialistic pursuits that may be reactive and distracting. We will also learn how we can provide ourselves with freedom from specific material constraints.

Moreover, there may be sudden changes with valuables, money, possessions, and even income which may lead to reshuffling values or priorities now. This may even be the time when profits will come from some non-traditional ventures or sources.

We are going to provide this world with progressive ideas about business, at the time of the transit which will last until the 7th of July, 2025.

Also, there may appear new and different ways of making, handling, and viewing money or doing business. Income or maybe the energies we use when we make money may be variable while we are trying to find ourselves.

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