The Positive Effects Of Vibrational Therapy On Our General Health

by Conscious Reminder

It has now been scientifically established that sound does have a certain degree of effect on our health. Quantum Physics postulates that everything in the universe is made of vibrations, i.e. sound.

Sound waves are energy waves which transmit through the atmosphere as they are in motion, and are made up of the following three components- form, wave and pulse. The effects of sound on our body can be explained as the result of resonance and vibrations felt by our cells after a sound wave reaches our body. Our cells and their structures are very minute and delicate and can be affected if properly targeted.

In earlier experiments, it was found that human consciousness made an impact on the structure of water at a molecular level. That is words can impact water, in quite a direct way as the energy carried by them is capable of changing water’s physical form. At this point it can be noted that our body is more than two-thirds water.

Many other experiments have been undertaken and they all prove to some extent or more that sound waves are capable of altering the form of matter. Depending upon the frequency of the sound wave the change in the form of the matter can be calculated and collaborated. Our cells too are a form of matter and sound waves have been found as effective on biological matter as any other.

Cancer cells when exposed to music showed a clear change in their state. Eventually when the music tempo was increased it was found that at a certain frequency the cancer cells exploded. Using this knowledge in the principle of healing, one way in which sound energy is being harnessed for healing is through tuning forks.

Tuning forks are played near the patient and resulting sound is found to have very pure overtones. These then travel throughout our body in a pattern which resembles a wave. The cells in the body react to it by increasing the levels of nitric oxide in them.

It has the following effects on our body- it works as an anti bacterial and anti viral therapy. Your immune system is boosted. It also balances out the secretion by different glands and calms the nervous system.

It also reinvigorates the cells and rejuvenates the heart muscles. Also helps in fighting stress and increasing energy levels in the body. It is also very helpful in naturally cleansing and detoxifying the body.

More than 1 fork can be used to perform this therapy where many patterns can be used, and the intervals between these patterns are utilized in healing therapies. These musical intervals generate activity in the glands which are all associated to the different chakras in our body and regulate our energy fields.

This field is relatively new and unexplored but the initial results have been very promising. And each day as more research on the topic comes up, many conventional methods of healing are being left behind, which is not surprising as this method uses energy as the only tool through which our body is healed.

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