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How The Mystical September 2018 Astrology Forecast Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships All Month Long

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by Kate Rose|Your Tango

Everything that has happened has led to this moment. 

The eclipses are over, Mercury and Mars have turned direct, and now we’re about to see what we’ve been working so hard on. For many of us, our monthly love horoscope for September is going to feel as if we’ve lost the past two months somehow, as if we’ve transitioned right from June to September and along with it feel like life is just different now and there’s no going back.

While the past two months in astrology may be a blur for each zodiac sign, we’ve truly been doing some deep seeded work to uncover our purpose and also healed wounds that have held us back from moving into our future and having successful, healthy relationships. And our September love horoscope will reflect our desire to do just that.

Eclipse seasons are hard. They uproot us. They change us. They also take people away from us. It’s hard to trust what’s going to happen when it seems nothing is certain; add into that 7 retrograde planets and we’ve also been thrown into our own heads, left to figure things out internally.

It’s been a time when we have really pulled away from others. A time when we had to make the commitment to get right with ourselves before we could decide to get right with another person in our lives.

The very moment all looks lost is also the moment just before a breakthrough. One of the more significant aspects this summer has been Mars retrograde, which governed our ability to take action and manifest what we wanted, including our relationships. At times during the past few months, we’ve felt frustrated or even simply hopeless that we’d ever be able to connect the dots in such a way to make sense of the bigger picture.

The only thing we had to go on during the past few weeks was trust: Trust that we were headed in the right direction, trust that the answers would come when they were meant to, and trust that regardless of anything else things would work out as they were meant to.

The weeks from the last eclipse on August 11th to the Pisces full moon at the end of the month was truly a time when we were asked to do some deep work. To make connections. To let ourselves heal. To allow ourselves to move on and to ultimately make the choice to believe in the future.

As we usher in September and our September love horoscope, we now have our planet of communication and our planet of ambition direct, which means those really important conversations flow more easily and we will be acting upon everything we’ve been thinking of during the previous astrological cycle.

As we begin September, a lot is going to change, a lot is up for grabs, and the only constant may be us realizing that finally we’re understanding that everything in the past has led to this moment now.

With Saturn turning direct on the 6th and the subsequent new moon on the 9th, it’s likely that in the span of just a few days we will see some dramatic changes in our relationships. For most of us, we’ve felt as if we’ve been on a path of self-improvement and growth which means that we’re not going to be entering into a relationship just looking for company or for someone we could see our parents liking.

For those on a journey of self-expansion, this means that the idea of partnering is different as well. We choose people that will support our growth and enrich our lives, not necessarily because they fit into the cookie cutter mold that we were born into. However, before we are able to actually enter into a partnership like this, we have to do the work necessary on ourselves.

During this journey, a moment will arrive when it suddenly feels like everything falls into place, not necessarily because anything would have specifically changed, but because our perspective in how we viewed it has. Once this occurs, we will allow ourselves to begin reaching out to another, to begin planning our next steps, and to begin moving into our future.

This step forward can happen quite dramatically, and as the first week of September passes we can expect some big changes.

In terms of existing relationships, taking giant leaps forward will be the theme. Whether it’s to outline or define a relationship, to discuss moving in, plans for the future, or even if you end up with a ring on your finger, there will be deeper and more significant commitments.

The thing about this taking place during this phase is any changes made will stick. For those who are single, it could mean that there is a whole new relationship phase right on the horizon, but it’s only once we have completed a certain amount of work on ourselves that we will be ready for it.

September is the month of clarity and action. The dust settles from the summer, and by the end of the month, 4 of the 7 planets would have turned direct. Eclipse season is just a memory at this point, but the lessons are not.

This has been a crucial year for so many of us, and while we anticipated that we could just simply flow into this new phase of our life and hearts, we’ve found that it’s really hard earned through work and the commitment to the process.

But we are in the homestretch of the year now. Things are clearing up; people are gravitating towards those that they are meant to. Old hang-ups are disappearing as is all the previous reasons we used as our why not crutch.

Things are different now. We are different now. And as September moves on and we’re ushered into a new season, we will see exactly why everything had to happen as it did. And that’s because this moment is exactly what we’ve been working towards all along. Now we just simply need to enjoy it.

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