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Are You A Pain Absorbent Who Feels The Suffering Of The World

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

While we are ascending towards higher energies, we start opening up to a great number of soul gifts with which we could work for the collective.

However, we aren’t aware of the fact at first. In fact, we believe that we slide back into the 3D energies and that we go backward, feel depresses, and that some higher parts of ourselves aren’t real.

Those people who will see that this actually resonates with them are probably a Global Pain Processor – they are a soul that helps in clearing lower energies.

These people could be from our local community or soul group; moreover, they might be people from all over the world who need healing and energetic support.

To be a Global Pain Processor is actually the soul gift without any doubt; however, it may even be confusing as the person can identify with painful energies and believe that it is theirs, although it does not make any sense that, in fact, it is going to be theirs.

For example, recently, you experienced great frustration and sadness which looked like coming out of nowhere. This definitely sucked.

You will not be able to identify that feeling or also match the feeling up with your experiences, or even connect it with your life in some way; still, the feelings have been quite real.

You felt like there was a huge cloud of vulnerability, sadness, and wounds, which were coming up and were probably yours, but you still felt confused upon that question.

You will later assume that it was probably related to your global frustration about war, aggression, bombings, and hopelessness.

Sometimes, we feel powerless when it comes to deciding what we should do following in our lives or this world, and our fears will still be present – however, the energy would be stuck.

Although this sounds similar to empathy, it is quite different as it actually flows and ebbs with collective energies even more.

You are also tuned in towards something on higher levels that isn’t yours; however, it is supposed to be transmitted to higher expressions of energy. You will take your fear, and you will blast in it with peace, love and light intentionally so that it can actually be moved ahead into something new.

How are you supposed to work with it?

In fact, there is one simple visualization or meditation you may utilize which starts with noticing every feeling and identifying what it is, then seeing that feeling surrounded by light, peace, and love – regardless of what meaning that has for you.

You should give yourself some time in order to finally detach from those feelings. You should understand that it isn’t something personal, and it isn’t you. And still, you will be able to make some difference in this world by imagining more streams of white light, which come out of you and circle the world.

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