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Winters Solstice On December 21st: The Astrological Importance Of The Shortest Day Of The Year

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by Conscious Reminder

What are Solstices?

A solstice is a common and simple astronomical event that takes place two times a year- Once at the beginning of summers and once at the start of winters. It is very common and regular yet has a profound importance. The solstice is marked by the position of the sun. On summer solstice, the sun is at its highest position and on winter solstice, the sun is at its lowest position relative to the ‘Celestial Equator’. The literal meaning of the word solstice is “The Sun stands still”, and this is what it seems like from our perspective.

Solstice as a part of the Balance Of The Nature.

All the things in the universe move and function in order to maintain balance. The life on the planet Earth is also about finding and maintaining a healthy balance between the opposing forces. Interestingly, in order to maintain the balance over a long period of time, intermittent extremes are desirable to act as opposing forces in order to maintain the balance.

The same applies on the geological conditions of the Earth as well. Thus, we have two equinoxes (Almost equal days on the entire earth). Also, we have Winter Solstice which happens on 21st December when the sun is at its lowest point and shines for least number of hours in the northern hemisphere and Summer Solstice which happens on 21st June when the sun is at its full glory in northern hemisphere.

So, what is the real importance of the Winter Solstice?

The shortest day of the year, that is Winter Solstice, marks the beginnings of the Cardinal Zodiac sign ‘Capricorn’. The spiritual Gurus see it as the marker of rebirth. As it is marked by the shortest day and from here on the length of the day can only go up, thus it symbolizes hope, faith and positivity. As all the geological events have a profound impact on the astrology, winter solstice is no different.

Solstices are all related to Cardinal Signs

It is by design and not by chance that all the zodiac signs related to the solstices and equinoxes are Cardinal signs. The Cardinal signs are associated with initiative qualities as they mark the beginnings of each season.

Every year we rely on the seasons as they perform specific jobs which are essential for our survival. The cardinal signs and the cycles of never ending seasons are the external manifestations of the solstices and equinoxes which are sacred as they denote the essential markers of the time. They are our key towards the understanding of the deeper mysteries of the universe and of our own existence.

They also help us to look clearly into the Earth’s never-ending cycle of life. They mark the highs and the lows of the planet. They help us to understand our own life, they tell us that highs and lows are a part of life and when you are struggling the most, do not give up, as your better days are about to start soon. Ups and downs are just the part of natural cycle.


Seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere and thus the relationship between the seasons and the solstices and equinoxes is also reversed.

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