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Buckle Up For A Triple Retrograde — Pluto, Venus & Jupiter

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by Conscious Reminder

Tighten your belt as we prepare to move on to May. The next couple of months will be very interesting for us as the planets Pluto, Venus, and Jupiter will turn Retrograde.

The three planets will also share a time period where they will all be Retrograding simultaneously.

Pluto starts Retrograding from the 25th of April and stops on the 4th of October. The planet will remain in Capricorn for the entire process.

Pluto calls our gentle and nurturing side and so, we will find ourselves to be kind and patient with everyone. Jupiter conjunct Pluto will be the strongest influence now. It will guide us to be more ambitious and focused on any project that we take up.

Even before Pluto stops Retrograding, Venus will start its journey from May 13th till the 25th of June. Jupiter will follow Venus on the 14th of May and Retrograde till 12th September.

Venus will remain in Gemini and Jupiter, like Pluto, will be in Capricorn. This will be an exciting time for us as the three planets will influence and direct different energies.

It might seem like a lot, but do not worry. All the planets are working in harmony, and the energies they evoke complement each other in the best of ways. We need to trust ourselves during this time and trust the cosmos to guide us through these tough times.

This Venus Retrograde is the best time for us to reflect on ourselves as it helps us to work through our karmic issues. Jupiter’s Retrograde will reveal to us areas of our life that we need to improve. Trust these planets and open your arms to their energies. Receive and reflect.

If you find yourself in the negative corner of your headspace, do not fret because the planets have got you. The energies they bring forth will pull you back to the real world and open your eyes to the important aspects of your life.

Even though Pluto will be lonely in Retrograde till the 13th of May, do not make the mistake of thinking it’s insignificant. Pluto will be constantly trying to reveal things to us that need attention.

The Retrograde for Pluto this year will last from April 25 (at 24° Capricorn) till October 4 (at 22° Capricorn). Pluto will find its strongest influence from Jupiter conjunct Pluto as this alignment takes place from April 2020 till November 2020.

Since Jupiter conjunct Pluto transit brings forth our ambitious side, it will guide us towards tremendous change, material and spiritual. It is a good time for us to focus on work, travel, finance, and/or try out our entrepreneurial skills.

The negative side of this Retrograde will be that Jupiter Pluto conjunction will be square with Mercury, which means an increase in obsessive thoughts along with an amplified fear of death.

The alignment of these planets also reflects our reality. Mercury square Jupiter-Pluto reflects respiratory issues, as the lungs are ruled by Mercury. Pluto rules global events like pandemics and death. Jupiter rules over expansion and growth.

Mercury also controls the hands. That is why we need to keep it in check and make sure that it is washed properly. We can do our part in taking precautionary measures to help stop the global pandemic.

The 2020 Pluto retrograde will test our faith and beliefs. It is important for us to remember that death is a part of life. It is not the end, but the change of life.

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