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Achieving Spirituality – A Daunting Task

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Life is a wheel, where events good and bad take their turn to occur. In a world where stress and general is satisfaction have taken hold of most hearts, illnesses such as depression and anxiety have become rife.

What are depression and anxiety? A constant unhappiness with all aspects of life, leading to general anxiety, making the individual tensed and unhappy at all times, sometimes even without reason, is how they can be defined. And yet, this would be an imperfect definition for people who suffer through it in their everyday lives.

In these times of stress and unhappiness, the one thing that can bring satisfaction to life is calmness of the mind. A calm mind is a mind that learns to cope with everyday struggles. A mind that knows that sometimes things go out of hand and that it’s okay.

The easiest way to achieve calmness of the mind is by practising spirituality. It is not the same as religion or following a particular God. It is to practice a certain way of living, so that your life is smooth and worries bother you less.

To be spiritual means to achieve a state of mind where you find yourself one with the energies of the world. The world we live in is formed by a single point of energy, which has diversified itself into countless numbers of strands, each giving rise to life and the various forms of energies we see about us.

To be spiritual means to try to embody the original parent energy and merge our own bodily energy with it. It is easy to identify somebody who is spiritual. You can see a strange sort of peace and calm on their faces, and talking to them makes you feel good.

They radiate their calmness and energy out to others about them. They search for the good in everyone and believe that nothing is inherently evil.

Imagine letting go of all the weight on your shoulders which stresses you out, leaving all the things which are not in your hands in the hands of fate and learning to not worry about it. Of learning to cope with your sorrows and losses through a simple breathing technique, and knowing, that all that happens, does so for a reason.

That is spirituality.

To achieve it, however, is no easy task. It is a science that needs to be mastered like any other discipline. It takes dedication and effort to be a spiritualist. But the fruits are sweeter than any other.
One easy way you can start off on the path is by learning how to breathe. That seems easy enough, as breathing is something we do all the time. But to know how to breathe in a way that releases bodily toxins with each breath is an art in itself.

The next step is to learn to concentrate on your thoughts and focus them on the single parent energy, striving in your mind to be one with it. The human mind is a rollercoaster of dreams, hope and imaginings. To let go of them long enough to focus single-mindedly on the energy is difficult, but not impossible.

Lastly, learn to let go of misgivings, to see good and to be positive about life. To let go of negativity in your mind and your body.

Being spiritual means being calm and happy, and that is a state every one of us deserves in this world.

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