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The Hunter’s Full Moon On October 24th Brings Turbulent & Unpredictable Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

Wherever we go, there is this belief about the phases of the moon, that the full moon has an overall intensifying effect on our lives and the new moon brings a time for new beginnings.

While that has a certain degree of truth in it, things might not always be this way.

The month of October is an exciting one, but that is something you already know. The Full Moon that will rule the skies on the 24th of the month has a special name- it is called the Full Hunter’s Moon.

You might be wondering about the name so let me just quench your thirst right now.

The name can be traced back to the native Americans who gave it this name because this particular full moon would be the marker for them to get right on the hunting since it is the sign of winter drawing close.

Now that you know this, you might be asking why it would matter to us, we are not hunters!

We might not be hunters but the moon holds some importance in all our lives and so do its phases.

The full moon will bring with it a lot of emotions and even things that you might think that you have left in the past but honestly, these are feelings that you need to feel, to grow as a human being and truly understand yourself.

Another important feature of this full moon is that it is going to be in Taurus, the most stable and balanced of signs and this is definitely some really good news.

This means that even though there will be a lot of feelings, you will enjoy a certain amount of control over them and will know how to deal with everything.

Things might not be easy and you might have to see a part of yourself that was hidden because it made you uncomfortable but it is necessary that these things happen.

There is change that the world needs and there is a change that you need. The time could not have better for the latter.

All the best!

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