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The Super Blue Blood Moon Will Affect Your Intimate Relationships In One Of These Two Ways

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On Jan. 31, 2018, the super blue blood moon arrives with a lunar eclipse. This will be a particularly potent moment for every sign, with the cosmological gesture propelling people forward into the next phase of life.

The lunar effects will be particularly strong considering that Saturn, the planet of time and distance, shifted into Capricorn just last month. Depending on the influences of Saturn in your chart, you will have been feeling increased restrictions in your romantic, professional, or creative life. The lunar eclipse will intensify those effects, and they can be felt through sex.

For some of us, the lunar eclipse will feel like a tower has collapsed around us, propelling us out into a new beginning. For others, it will feel like a fist compressing around us, testing the strength in our bones. Having sex during this lunar phase will be a bit like turning a valve to release this pressure. The moon’s intensity will have the power to infuse your union with two polar opposite kinds of energy: love or fear. If you experience love, then sex will flood your whole being and make you feel like you are radiating life out of your hair and fingertips. If you choose to have sex out of a place of fear, the energy will cause cracks and ruptures that will bring about abrupt endings that you didn’t expect.

Here’s more about the two ways the super blue blood moon will influence your sex life, depending on whether you approach sex with an attitude of love or fear.

If You Experience Intensified Feelings Of Fear…

When we participate in sex, we have an energy exchange. It doesn’t matter if the sex is a casual encounter or within the context of a relationship that’s lasted years. The energy we absorb from the other person during sex can be full of both light and darkness. If we don’t have a mechanism to turn out the dark energy, through cleansing rituals, communal care, and acts of self-love, then we carry it with us. As dark attracts dark and light attracts light, the dark energy will eventually grow if we don’t purify ourselves.

The influences of Saturn have been drawing out this dark energy we carry around inside us. This energy is the product of living in a society where so much depends on domination and fear. If we focus on this energy, it leads us to building steep walls around our hearts. This is the source of fear.

If you bring intensified fear with you into the bedroom during the super blue blood moon, then you might experience sex as a constricting force that is meant to keep you closed off from the world. You may feel the need to cut things off with your partner, because you won’t be able to see how you can be together without losing sight of yourself. You’ll feel an intense, destructive energy that you can utilize to break free of whatever has been oppressing you, especially if your source of oppression has been a relationship.

If You Experience Intensified Feelings Of Love…

Excuse me for sounding a little bit corny, but I need to speak the truth. The truth is that love is the only truth. It’s the only thing that really exists, even though we spend most of our lives living the illusion of fear. These fears that we experience so intensely are imaginary ones, imposed upon us by wounded parents, repressive governments, false hierarchies, and the material world’s spiritual poverty. When you experience pure and eternal love, you part from these fears once and for all, leaving the physical world behind.

Sex out of love during the super blue blood moon can have the effect of elevating your esoteric body out of your physical one. If you are able to access these deep wellsprings of love, you can find yourself in an intense spiritual union with your sex partner. No, that doesn’t mean that you should only pursue sex with someone if you’re interested in having a long-term relationship. Casual encounters that only last a few hours or days can also be flooded with this intensely healing feeling. Not all physical relationships have to last forever in order to be pure and meaningful ones.

Approaching sex during the super blue blood moon will be favorable if you are motivated by true feelings of love. This love will be recognized by your willingness to give to the other, not out of a place of self-woundedness, but an endless spring of joy.

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