Russell Brand Deconstructs The Criticism The Thought-Provoking ‘Joker’ Movie Is Facing

by Conscious Reminder

The Joker is one of the best movies of 2019. Of course, the expectations of this movie were quite high. The Joker is considered as one of the most iconic villains in the DC Universe.

He is the arch-nemesis of the beloved Dark Knight and has a haunting and chaotic persona. But what is it that makes Joker such a favorite? Is it relatability? Do we all have a Joker within us?

Maybe the agent of chaos shows us a kind of freedom that we all wish to have one day. No wonder – Joker is as beloved as Batman.

However, there is something special that this villain has (or does not have)– a lack of origin story. Joker is always seen as a constant. The mystery of his past just adds to the charisma of this insane figure.

Until now, that is.

Todd Phillips made a brilliant movie that tackled the origin of Joker. Teaming up with the brilliant actor, Joaquin Phoenix, Todd made history in both the cinematic world and the DC Universe.

Joker is a film that shows the journey of Arthur Fleck in an economically unstable time when the economic disparity between the rich and the poor was at its peak. Arthur Fleck is a comedian with a mental problem who tries to make ends meet.

However, he is abused by a mean and changing society and eventually, he feels alienated. Society becomes his motivation to be the ultimate villain – the Joker.

However, once the movie came out there was a major backlash. Most people watching the movie loved and applauded it. But media and many YouTube channels started criticizing the movie.

According to them, Joker may make many people sympathetic towards incels and school shooters. Their voice, it seems, was against the underlying empathetic message that the Joker movie portrayed.

Russell Brand is a famous personality. This actor has gained quite a fame after releasing his wise words on the internet. He is seen as a guru by many. When Russell saw the movie and then, looked at the backlash, he came to a new conclusion.

He claims that the movie provides a new look on mental illness and thus, it is forming a controversy. It has also shown how economic disparity can create Jokers and that it is not a character at fault but the society at large.

Hence, that is what is rubbing people the wrong way. It makes people look at themselves as a creator of the Joker – something which people are not very comfortable with.

His video has become quite popular and has created quite a noise all over the internet. He does not share any spoilers but only his view and his wisdom.

It is definitely a new take on Joker. Joker is a strange film that will move you in different ways. But one thing is for sure, Joker will stir you from the inside.

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