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Seeing Marriage In Dreams: Good Or Bad?

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Our dreams provide for us an outlet for the spirit to exist where it wants most to live – on the spiritual plane.

Dreaming offers our best connection to the spiritual plane before we reach the higher levels of consciousness required to exist there at will.

Keeping a dream journal is a great way to keep track of our spiritual journey and allows us to receive wisdom in the form of encoded symbols.

We can then decode those dreams and see what our souls are trying to tell us.

One particular type of dream that garners attention is the wedding dream. It can take many forms and, depending on the form it takes, may mean different things. So let’s take a look at a few.

Side note: If you are actually getting married soon and you are dreaming about marriage, you are probably just excited or scared about it.

This is mostly related to wedding dreams with no apparent explanation.

# Proposal Dreams

Dreaming of a proposal may seem to indicate to us that we are ready for, or at least looking forward to, a long-term commitment. In reality, though, it tends to mean something a little less joyful.

Proposal dreams have a funny way of forewarning us of things about to take a downhill turn.

If we are doing the proposing, this might mean that we are about to face rebuttal or rejection, or are about to make a mistake that will cost us.

However, if we are being proposed to it might suggest that we are about to be thrown for a loop by someone else’s decisions and can do little but prepare for it.

# Wedding Dresses & Veils

This one is a little tricky, as it depends on context.

If we are wearing a wedding dress and veil in an appropriate setting in the dream – a church, for instance, or a registry office –  it may suggest that we are preoccupied with the future of a relationship, trying to decide whether to make a commitment.

However, if we just dream the veil or we are in a place where it is inappropriate to wear wedding garb, we might be feeling insecure in our relationship.

We might be trying to hide aspects of ourselves from our partner or the world because we believe ourselves to be unworthy.

# Wedding Rings

Wedding rings tend to represent love and acceptance. Wearing one in a dream often means that you are feeling loved and putting that feeling back out into the world.

For those in a relationship, it can mean we have a growing love for our partner. For those who are single, it might mean an improvement in another personal relationship.

Losing a wedding ring in a dream is a sign that we are keeping unresolved issues in our relationship to ourselves.

Whatever wedding related dreams you have, it is always better to jot them down in a journal and analyse them in the cold light of day. Sometimes we will just have a one-off dream that means very little.

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