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Can You Trust Your Gut Feeling?

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by Conscious Reminder

There have certainly been several instances when you have experienced your gut feeling.

This could be the feeling of a negative vibe you felt from someone. Or you did not feel like attending an event. The question is what is this gut feeling? Should we trust them enough to act upon it?

Explaining Gut Feeling

Our gut instinct is similar to intuition. But it might also consist of some kind of physical feeling that is mostly absent in intuition.

Many physiological experts have explained that our gut instinct is a combination of gut bacteria that tries to communicate with us directly. This gut feeling interacts with our brain through chemical messengers present flowing through our blood. Furthermore, the connection between gut neurons and the intuitive and emotional part of our brain is established.

The spiritual perspective believes that human beings receive an enlightening sensation. However, every person receives it in a different and unique manner.

Understanding Our Gut Feeling

Every person will definitely feel their gut instinct because it is visceral. Many people have said that they feel their gut instinct flowing through their entire body or within their heart. Some people may also get goosebumps or butterflies in their stomachs.

Certain experts state that gut feelings manifest in 4 ways including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

Meaning Of Your Gut Instinct

I: Approaching Danger

Gut feelings are usually very perceptive of any danger that might be approaching us and acts as an advantage in such situations. Understanding such feelings of potential danger is a great skill. Approaching danger or fearful sensations makes us feel a tightening in our gut or feeling anxious.

II: Good Company

We often feel a pleasant sensation that suggests good things as well. For example, when we meet someone new, we get a good vibe that makes us feel happy, light-headed, warm, and safe.

III: Physical Illness

Often we feel dizzy or lethargic and that might be a signal of any physical illness. Gut feelings normally pick up subtle imbalances or transformations in our bodies. Medical issues must not be ignored and should be diagnosed immediately.

IV: Risk-Taking Impulse

Sometimes we feel confused regarding our decisions related to personal or professional choices. We may also feel like taking risks but if our gut instinct continuously tells us to stop, we must pay heed. Preliminary gut feelings are capable of preventing any distressful situation in our life.

V: Toxic People

When we are being manipulated by toxic people around us, our gut instincts jump to our aid. We feel like something is perpetually wrong and makes us feel disgusted. This indicates that we must distance ourselves from such people or situations.

Trusting Gut Instincts

Our gut feelings are not always as foolproof or simple as they appear. We must consider and reflect upon such sensations before acting on them.

Experts have mentioned that humans cannot possibly remember everything. As a result, gut instincts serve as recognition systems that get acted on based on our experiences. This pattern keeps us safe. Nonetheless, some gut feelings also thrive on our past fears or insecurities.

For instance, if we were left cheated in a relationship, we develop trust issues or certain places project previous trauma. On the contrary, we might idealize or fantasize about a person only because we are looking for love and companionship.

Hence, we must always run our gut feeling with a friend or close person to get a second opinion or outside perspective. We can also try to record the patterns of gut feelings by writing them in journals and check if they are being repeated. Some sensations can also be illogical or wrong and we must also identify them.

End Notes

Gut feeling is a physical manifestation of intuition that might be accurate as well as inaccurate. We can identify and understand such sensations correctly with practice and patience.

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