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The Divine Blueprint: The Tree Of Life On The Back Of The Human Body

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The tree of life is a pathway created by Our Creator to guide us to our essential essences.

It encompasses the whole realm, our energies and physicality. It symbolizes who we genuinely are and so the tree and its 10 Sephiroth should always be on the back of the body.

The Sephiroth represents all aspect of Creation and so it exists in all forms. We are slowly trying to activate each Sephiroth to explore our true potential. The Sephiroth are highly vibrational atoms that activate once we decide to face God and our true selves, with determination. Through the sheer power of your will you can climb up the ‘tree of life’ to attain depth and knowledge. By holding on to our will we can contact our inner parents who will guide us to our true spiritual self.

To understand why the tree of life is placed at the back of the body, it’s crucial to learn about Supernal Triad at the top of the tree that contains God’s three aspects, woven together to maintain continuous energy flow. It consists of Kether (+-), Chokmah (+) and Binah (-).

Kether is androgynous, showing the true self of God and Father.

Chokmah is the original flame, the masculine archetype. It is the positive polarity reflecting the consciousness. Chokmah is placed at the top of the Pillar of Mercy in King Solomon’s Temple. Also known as Yang.

Binah is the feminine archetype, the container for the “flame”. It is the vessel through which force finds expression; the negative polarity or the Yin.

The energy of God travels down to creation from Kether to Chokmah on the right side and then Binah to the left, moving forward to the tree of life. This whole movement is called “Big Bang”.

As we are the reflection of God and ‘the tree of life’, the tree is superimposed on us. The right side of our body is aligned with Chokmah(+),Chesed (-), Netzach(+), representing yang whereas the elft side is aligned with Binah (-), Geburah (+), Hod(-), representing yin. This tree is then placed on our backs which links our body with the mind of “force” and of “form”. To manifest it physically, it first moves down the right side with positive polarity and then to the left feminine side. Binah being closest to form receives the energy last in the triad structure.

It is especially important to always remember that Chokmah represents the positive masculine side whereas Binah represents the feminine negative side. As Chokmah is positive it lies on the right side of our bodies and Binah lies on the left side as it is negative. If we place the tree of life on the front, the concerned Sephiroth positions must be altered for correct results.

‘The tree of life’ should accurately be placed on the back of the body so that Chokmah representing ‘force’ and Binah representing ‘form’ can be placed on the correct left and right sides of the two pillar structures.

Chokmah is also symbolized by sun, fire and love. These are also masculine aspects.

Appropriate Placement of Sephiroth on Human Body

  • Kether – Top of the head
  • Chokmah- Right side
  • Binah- Left side
  • Chesed- Right arm
  • Geburah- Left arm
  • Tiphereth- Heart
  • Netzach- Upper Right Leg
  • Hod- Upper Left Leg
  • Yesod- Sexual organs
  • Malkuth- Feet

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